Sunday 22 April 2012

Ruined Families - S/T 7"

Continuing the Greek theme today, I've got a copy of Ruined Families' self titled 7" to review. These guys are from Athens and have recently released this four track 7" through Halo Of Flies, Dog Knights Productions, Adagio 830 and Greek label Gardens.

The packaging the record comes in has clearly been a labour of love. It's a fold out grey sleeve with cool printed black artwork on the front. Inside the sleeve the song lyrics are printed along with more info and a credits insert. The record itself is a nice slab of black vinyl held in a black inner sleeve. This is all held together with a red OBI with RF's logo on. It awesome how much work has gone into it.


Side A -
1. Voidealism
2. You Will Become Like You Father

Side B -
3. Bedroom Nihilist
4. Quiet

Voidealism is a great slab of punky hardcore, with some pretty angry screams and some nice riffs. RF infuse some semi-melodic guitar and a cool old-school production, to give this record a great feel and sound.

Their sound is a frantic one. Pretty immediate and fast. It kind of reminds me of some of the UK's current hardcore bands, the blackened angry ones though, not the tough-guy ones. There are plenty of off-kilter riffs going on, especially on second track You Will Become Like Your Father, which also includes a wicked, high-pitched solo, and some doomy riffs towards the end.

The intro to Bedroom Nihilist has a great punky feel to it, before RF launch back into their hardcore again. It's great to see bands doing their own thing and not relying on re-hashed riffs and moves to get their point across. Last song Quiet, is anything but, being the fastest and most angry song on this 7".

It's the first time I've heard anything by Ruined Families but I'm glad I took the chance and bought this 7", as I would have missed out otherwise. It's great to discover a band and realise that they are fully awesome!

Make sure you listen to this record via their Bandamp page:-

Then once you've done that, buy a copy from either:-

Gardens -
Halo of Flies -
Dog Knights Productions -
Adagio 830 -

Also go to RF's Facebook Page at and their blog at

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