Saturday 28 April 2012

Foxxes - Noiseless

Cardiff's Foxxes are band I was introduced to at the end of last year and I reviewed their previous EP Forget The Rain back in January. These guys are also signed to Strikedown Records and have recently releases this three tack digital EP as a precursor to their up-coming full length, which is due out towards the end of the year.


1. Let Me Drown
2. Faces Blurred
3. Noiseless

Immediately, there is a slower more cathartic strain of hardcore unleashed in the opening bars of Let Me Drown. It's heavy and focused, but melodic and original as well. It's definitely sounds like a progression has been made by Foxxes since Forget The Rain. It's another exciting EP that could sit next to any of Britain’s current crop of angry, darkened hardcore and not sound out of place at all.

Faces Blurred is a crunching, euphoric song. The vocals are full of emotion and the rest of the band sound clear and precise. Noiseless is the title track and closer to this EP. It's the last taste you'll get of Foxxes until their full length rears it's head, so breath it in. It shows off their progression in sound and wets the appetite for what’s to come, combining heavy riffs with a really strong rhythm section. The production of the EP also helps make this a great listening experience.

It's short and sweet, but has enough impact to make you want more. Patience is a virtue, but until the new record comes there's enough quality on display here, to keep you coming back for more. Another strong release by Foxxes, which should see them being their ascendancy up hardcore's ladder!

You can stream and download Noiseless for free via their Bandcamp page below:-

Also, visit their Facebook page at

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