Monday 20 February 2023

The Ultimate Screamo Band - Tout Est Fini

Labels: A Fond d'Cale/Dingleberry Records/Dasein Records/Friendly Otter/Polar Summer/Sunsetter Records/Ultimo Violence/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 26 Feb 2018


1. Tout Est Fini

2. Thanatophobe

3. En Consequence

4. Un Cri de Défaite

5. Combien

6. Téméraire Et Timoré

7. D'enfant Fragile

8. Ne Change Rein

9. A L'article de L'amour

10. Inconditionnel Passe

Having previously reviewed both the 2015 7"/Tape EP La Saison Du Champignon and the 2017 split 7" with Lora as part part of my ongoing ZBR roster review series, I was eventually going to come up to The Ultimate Screamo Band's 2018 (and final) release Tout Est Fini, that was pressed as a single-sided 10" record in February 2018. Released through the collaboration of 8 DIY record labels, it was limited to 300 copies featuring 3 differently coloured covers. 10 emoviolence songs on one side of wax. Perfect.

Being able to keep up with and review a record where most of the songs last less than sixty seconds is tough. Tout Est Fini is made up of exactly that, starting with the title track ‘Tout Est Fini’, which features a lengthy sample leading to a latter half that’s filled with brief but chaotic emoviolence, that set’s the stall out for this release. ‘Thanatophobe’ starts as it’s predecessor finished but with a more post-hardcore/metal vibe.

In fact, all of the songs here make up one whole and ‘En Consequence’ shows TUSB’s song-writing to be more than just maddening screamo, as it features more sensitive musical elements and a slightly calmer influence as a result. ‘Un Cri de Défaite’ is a varied listen with fast/slow dynamics working really well. TUSB must be considered champions of the French-Canadian screamo community and if they’re not, it’s a travesty.

The sheer moments of beauty that flow from this record are subtle but brilliant, as evidenced on ‘Combien’ with it’s almost Coilguns/Knut/The Ocean post-metal riffage that seems to almost slow the tempo down, without actually doing so. Being followed up by the no-holds-barred ’Téméraire Et Timoré’, it feels like a world away.

The record’s shortest song blends into it’s longest song and with that, ‘D’enfant Fragile’ is a fuzzy guitar instrumental that bursts into a furious explosion of raw energy from the band. It exhibits their true love of anticipation inducing build-ups, which has been there all along to be honest and is used one again on ‘Ne Change RIen’ to accent the latter halves madness.

Penultimate song ‘A L'article de L'amour’ is more straight-forward in that it hits hard a lot sooner, though TUSB’s off-kilter hardcore approach later on brings about a beaming smile that lasts into closer ‘Inconditionnel Passe’ thanks to the repeated riff that bridges the two. It’s a dramatic way to end but also a true showing of the band’s ability to generate atmosphere and emotion. 

There you have it, the final release from The Ultimate Screamo Band (probably). It would have been amazing to hear the band go in a more expansive direction, but that’s just me talking. What has been left is still and always will be amazing.

You can stream Tout Est Fini and purchase it as a name-your-price download below:-

Physical copies can still be purchased from the below link:-

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