Saturday 23 July 2022

Hell, Fire and...Lexington: Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Festival

The first Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Festival is due to take place on October 8th, at Beech Lake in Lexington, Tennessee. Organised by Raven Moonla and Zachary Moonshine (Metal Devastation PR), the all-day festival will feature 13 bands, as well as traders, food and a family friendly atmosphere. 

The festival has garnered a lot of attention since being announced and in what's been dubbed 'Satanic Panic', the festival, it's organiser and even the bands due to perform have been targeted by religious groups and individuals intent on shutting it down using various forms of social media, including Reddit and Facebook. Please see the screenshots below highlighting some of the comments and opposition, which were taken by the organisers:-

The above screenshots have been used with the kind permission of Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Festival and are viewable along with other news and promotion about the festival on their Facebook page here -

A source close to the festival told This Noise Is Ours that they believed that some of the opposition was coming from people linked to the Second Baptist Church in Lexington. Attempts have been made to contact the church to get their views on the festival and to understand their opposition to it; however, at the time of writing this article, no response has been received. 

What all of this shows is that the stereotyping and misunderstanding of alternative/marginalised cultures still goes on, even in 2022, especially by religious organisations. If anybody connected to organisations opposing this festival would like the opportunity to talk in the balance of fairness, This Noise Is Ours would like to hear from you. Please e-mail

None of this is putting off the organisers, the bands or fans of heavy metal though. Make sure you check out the bands via the links below and if you are attending the festival in October, it'd be great to follow up afterwards and hear about your experiences:-

Summoner’s Circle -

Casket Robbery -

Deooculted -

Spillage -

Eyes Of The Living -

Hierarchy -

Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf -

Gravehuffer -

Forever Broken -

Sleuthfoot -

The Red Mountain -

Devil Be My Judge -

Grave Next Door -

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