Friday 22 July 2022

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy/WOORMS - Various Plants And Animals Under Domestication Split

Labels: Self-Released/Forbidden Place Records

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 07 Jan 2022


1. The Grasshopper Lies Heavy - Indifference Apocalypse

2. The Grasshopper Lies Heavy - King Of Opinion

3. The Grasshopper Lies Heavy - Daun

4. The Grasshopper Lies Heavy - Unending Mediocrity

5. WOORMS - Areola Borealis

It's finally Friday and I for one want to forget about the working week that's just been. What better way to do that than with the latest split release featuring Texan sludge trio The Grasshopper Lies Heavy and Louisiana's WOORMS. The split features four songs from TGLH and one long player from WOORMS, having been self-released digitally, as well as on physical formats via Forbidden Place Records. I seem to remember coming across TGLH via a Rock Sound Magazine cd sampler (I think) and WOORMS have released a couple of albums via UK label Sludgelord Records in the past. 

Eyes down for the Friday night headbang! TGLH kick off with ‘Indifference Apocalypse’, which is a lot more up-tempo than I was expecting at first, despite the band being rooted in sludge. It’s loud and engrossing, with a smattering of psych thrown in as well. TGLH’s instrumentation is where they really shine and this is perfect so far. ‘King Of Opinion’ seems to be somewhat darker in tone, but maybe that’s me. It’s certainly more bass-heavy and downturned as it bludgeons it’s way through nearly three-minutes of absolute heaviness. 

Instantly following ‘King Of Oblivion’ is ‘Daun’, which is a semi-instrumental song that almost seems to follow directly on from it’s predecessor. One thing’s for sure though, it’s groovy as hell with a mesmeric riff that flows right though it. TGLH end their side of the split with their most expansive song in the form of ‘Unending Mediocrity’, and boy is it a joy to listen to. Proper atmospheric post-metal at it’s best. It’s a song that you can really get lost in and when it comes to a halt after nearly eight-and-a-half minutes, it leaves a bit of a void.

A void that WOORMS fill with their mammoth track ‘Areola Borealis’, which weighs in at over twenty one minutes and is utterly bonkers right from the off, with pitch-shifting notes, samples and vocals that sit deep within the mix. Those vocals are very much hidden by instrumentation but they’re still punchy enough to have an impact early on.

It’s at the six minute mark that I realise I’m aching like a bar stool, though that may have more to do with my sitting position as opposed to the headbanging that’s going on. Needless to say, I’m still glued to my laptop’s speakers while listening to this, slightly helped my the imbibing of Friday night alcohol. After the ethereal sludge concludes around the twelve-and-a-half minute mark, WOORMS slip into an instrumental jam featuring more samples, that seems to build in layers, showcasing the Louisiana approach to musical experimentation. The closing acoustic passage is very stirring, almost Fleetwood Mac-esque in places. 

This split is fantastic. From the faster and more intense sludge of The Grasshopper Lies Heavy to the trippier, more psych filled sludge of WOORMS, there’s plenty for the heavy music connoisseur. I well and truly dig both of these bands and I can assure you that you won’t leave disappointed either. 

For fans of: Old Man Gloom, Shy, Low, Heron, Postvorta & Weedian

You can stream and purchase the split digitally via TGLH and WOORMS respectively on bandcamp below:-

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy -


You can purchase the split physically on all formats or as merch bundles via Forbidden Place Records below:-

Forbidden Place Records -

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