Wednesday 13 July 2022

Steaksauce Mustache - All Juice, No Noise

Labels: Silent Pendulum Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 13 May 2022


1. Bad Boy Donkey Island

2. Floppy Disc Function

3. No Earth Theory

4. Truck Nut Allergy

5. Stepdad Energy

6. Nocturnal Daymare

7. Gossip Banshee

8. Warp Speed With Aliens

9. Robot Computer Stuff

10. Workout Jeans

11. All Juice No Noise

The latest album from US partycore quartet Steaksauce Mustache was released a couple of months ago (to the day almost) and not by design, I'm just getting round to giving it a proper spin. All Juice, No Noise was released on vinyl and digitally by NYC label Silent Pendulum Records in May. It looks like all physical copies have long since sold out but that doesn't stop us from celebrating it all the same. Oh and to support the album's release they toured the US with the Ned Flanders-inspired Okilly Dokilly.

I hope my neighbours like mathcore because I’m sweltering this evening. A very warm laptop on top of a heatwave isn’t the way to go! Steaksauce Mustache first crossed my radar thanks to Mathcore Index and their Mathcast, but I think this is the first material I’ve listened to in full by them. ‘Bad Boy Donkey Island’ is an all-over-the-place opener with harsh vocals that remind me of Iron Gag-era A Life Once Lost (maybe?), clean singing, panic chords and off-kilter instrumentation that would make Every Time I Die proud. I’m probably way off with my early assessment but there’s still ten songs to go.

Tempos and musical sensibilities are mixed up on ‘Floppy Disc Function’, as mathcore meets deathcore and pop. I love how unexpectedly accessible All Juice, No Noise is so far. I also wish they’d brought that Okilly Dokilly tour to the UK too! There’s plenty of rock n roll going on during ‘No Earth Theory’, which reminds me of fellow US metalcore/80s rock inspired band Blessed By A Broken Heart (as opposed to glam rock parody band Steel Panther, whom I dislike with a passion). Sorry.

The other thing that jumps out at me with Steaksauce Mustache is their seemingly random song titles. ‘Truck Nut Allergy’ is a prime example but with that being said, It’s a killer song with more snarling/sassy rock vibes overpowering the band’s heavier leanings. They do go full-on mathcore for portions of All Juice, No Noise though and alongside some great punk riffs, ‘Stepdad Energy’ is a great example of that. In a sub-genre of music where originality is becoming key, Steaksauce Mustache are leading the way.

As you hit the mid-point in the album, it’s pointless trying to describe the music in any kind of genre terms anymore. ’Nocturnal Daymare’ is just a damn good song and probably the catchiest one of them all, In my opinion anyway. That’s the main takeaway for me, just how catchy this record is. ‘Gossip Banshee’ contains the best lyrics and even though there’s no hint of hip-hop influence musically, vocally things get close to it here during the verses (at least when the metal/core isn’t taking centre stage that is!).

My head’s been addled pretty much all day thanks to my day job and listening to ‘Warp Speed With Aliens’ does nothing to change that, but I don’t care. Heavy music can and should be fun sometimes, and it certainly is here thanks to the battle metal inspired gang chants sitting in the background. That solo towards the end is pretty damn sweet as well. Things return to somewhat normality on ’Robot Computer Stuff’ but what is normal now really? I use the term only to emphasise the moments where Steaksauce Mustache are more mathy. 

Penultimate song ‘Workout Jeans’ is as mad as the title suggests. I mean, have you ever tried to workout in jeans?!. It’s not mad in terms of time-signatures or grind-appeal, but because of the amusing images both it’s title and textures create. Semi-clean vocals lead the way and it’s definitely feel-good. They close with the title track ‘All Juice No Noise’ , which is also the album’s longest and moodiest song. Minimalist in approach at times, it might sound like a certain big American masked band in parts but it bursts into life mid-way through, unleashing a familiar uneven and heavy tone alongside some utterly brilliant vocals.

I hadn’t anticipated that this review would end up as long as it has but there’s a lot to take in here. Steaksauce Mustache are a modern day marvel when it comes to experimental and cathartic heaviness. Aside from that, they also know how to craft really catchy songs that transcend that heaviness. Quite brilliant. 

For Fans Of: Black Matter Device, Pupil Slicer, Under The Pier, Every Time I Die & Blessed By A Broken Heart.

You can stream and purchase the album digitally here:-

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