Wednesday 27 July 2022

Trachimbrod - Leda

Labels: Damnfinetapes!/Dog Knights Productions/Through Love Records/Tokyo Jupiter Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 03 Apr 2017


1. Rum utan fönster

2. Allt är som det alltid var

3. Tärd

4. Begränsad

5. Medskyldighet

6. Ett annat liv

7. Vi två

8. Hjärnspöke

9. Saker de säger

This, while being my latest Zegema Beach Records roster series review, is also rather embarrassingly one of only a few reviews I've written that also features a release from UK/EU label Dog Knights Productions. That's strange in itself because ever since I started this blog, I've been religiously buying everything that Dog Knights and it's imprint Left Hand Label has released. It also comes at a time when DKP has announced an indefinite hiatus from label activity, for the forceable future at least.

Leda by Swedish post-rock/screamo band Trachimbrod (known as Come Across Trachimbrod in their easier days from 2009 - 2012) was released in April 2017 on vinyl by DKP, ZBR and Through Love Records. It was also released on tape via Damnfinetapes! and on cd via Tokyo Jupiter Records that same year. It serves as their last release to date.

This review might get a but sentimental, so apologies in advance. Owning records like Leda and living with it’s music for so long actually makes it’s harder to write about (for me anyway). I don’t know why but it just does. Album opener ‘Rum utan fönster’ is so musically pleasing and lighter than you might imagine given Trachimbrod’s post-rock/screamo leanings. Even when the screams come in over the top of the instrumentation, there’s no reason to be put off. It’s a record by a Scandinavian band that kind of sounds like a record by an Asian band to me, but that’s maybe because I’ve been listening to a hefty amount of Asian screamo lately, away from this blog. Musically it’s fantastic.

‘Allt är som det alltid var’ is beautifully pop-like, in the vein of I Love Your Lifestyle. It’s variation that suits Trachimbrod’s sound one hundred percent. The vocals switch from clean to harsh towards it’s end and when both are together, they work perfectly. As somebody who swings wildly from ludicrously heavy music to catchy and upbeat music now more than ever, ‘Tärd’ is a glorious mix of both. It may read like this is the first time I’ve listened to this record, but if truth be told I haven’t listened to it for a while (a symptom of always buying music I guess). I’ve forgotten how much I love it though!

After the slightly shorter ‘Tärd’, ‘Begränsad’ gives Trachimbrod’s sound a slight art-rock vibe, thanks to the lovely melodic guitar tones and time-signatures used throughout. It’s dreamy and is exactly what’s needed at this midweek point. The bass that concludes ‘Begränsad’ leads you into the quite explosive ‘Medskyldighet’, which is the shortest song of Leda but also the heaviest so far. It brings to mind Via Fondo, Suis La Lune and Shirokuma for me, thanks to it’s honest intensity.

‘Ett annat liv’ mixes the intensity of it’s predecessor with the vocal melody that was heard during ‘Allt är som det alltid var’, yet with a greater leaning towards those screams. Again, it’s so hard to ignore the exquisite musicianship that envelopes it all. The drums sound so organic and lively, while the bass and guitar work is sensitive and easy on the ear. I think it’s for that reason that this whole record sounds so perfect, as ‘Vi två’ rings out of the speakers. 

You reach penultimate song ‘Hjärnspöke’ all too quickly and with it, Trachimbrod’s heavier edge gets the heart racing once again. I’m not really a fan of symphonic/orchestral metal/rock, and I’m in no way comparing Trachimbrod to that, but there’s something dramatic about their sound here that makes me think of an orchestra. I can imagine them on a live stage, all moving individually (seemingly and rhythmically) while playing as one. I’ve seen bands do that before live and it’s a joy to behold when you’re lost in it.

Album closer ‘Saker de säger’ is the final illustration of just how great Trachimbrod’s music is. It brings to life the highs that you feel when listening to this album. Music is to be treasured and I treasure this LP so much, which is why I own two variants still to this day, and I’m not collector scum believe it or not!. This album is great from start to finish. Thanks and admiration goes to Trachimbrod and to all of the labels that were involved in bringing this to so many ears, Also, special thanks to DKP for all of the music that I hold so dear.

For fans of: Blue Friend, Via Fondo, Suis La Lune, Shirokuma, I Love Your Lifestyle and Heaven In Her Arms

You can stream and purchase Leda digitally as a name-your-price download from Trachimbrod's bandcamp page below:-

Trachimbrod -

Remaining physical copies can still be purchased from the releasing labels below:-

Dog Knights Productions - UK/EU/ROW - 

Dog Knights Productions - USA/CAN -

Tokyo Jupiter Records -

Zegema Beach Records - CAN/INTL -

Dog Knights Productions -

Through Love Records -

Tokyo Jupiter Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

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