Friday 3 May 2019

Moloch - Love Songs 7"

Labels: Feast Of Tentacles
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 25 Mar 2019


1. Cosmosis
2. Takotsubo

This is the last two-track review I'll be doing before I get back into writing about longer stuff and posting up some new features. The reason I've been focusing on shorter releases of late is down to time, or lack of it. Anyway, despite the fact that everything's pretty chilled out at the moment I still felt the need to sink into some disgusting sludge and slow riffs. Remembering that Nottingham's Moloch has recently brought out a new EP and it being on my (lengthy) list of things to check out, here I am. Limited to 500 copies with the 100 Swamp Green copies already selling out (a little over a month after its release by Feast of Tentacles) and with Moloch being announced for Fluff Fest 2019, this and the band probably don't need any further introduction. Enjoy...

This is the aural equivalent of how my head’s going to feel tomorrow after the can of wine-strength craft beer I’m treating myself to tonight. Cosmosis is the Moloch I remember, having not seen them live for sometime now (my fault entirely). It’s heavy, torturous, full of loathing and painful emotion. The guitar/bass riffs are cloaked in feedback, the drums beat like a heart that’s going into slow arrest while the vocals are as harrowing as they’ve ever been.

Takotsubo is equally as gut-wrenching, with the guitar painting a dismal picture with it’s low and menacing melody. UK sludge has always been a cut above in terms of the misery that it projects and Moloch has been at it’s forefront for a long time now. This song and indeed the EP proves why. Alongside their US cousins Primitive Man, they lead the way in my opinion. 

This EP is infectious in a perverse way and it reminds me of why I find sludge such a cleansing and comforting sub-genre. If you want to bask in the sound of the UK circa 2019 slowly imploding then this is what you need to turn to.

Stream and purchase "Love Songs" digitally below:-

The remaining 7" copies on black vinyl can be purchased via Feast of Tentacles below:-

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