Monday 29 April 2019

Malokarpatan - Cesta Podzemnými Sálami Kovovlada EP

Labels: Sun & Moon Records
Formats: Vinyl
Release Date: 08 Apr 2019


1. Cesta Podzemnými Sálami Kovovlada I
2. Cesta Podzemnými Sálami Kovovlada II

Following my review of the latest EP from Romanian black metal band Siculicidium last week, I wanted to pay attention to the second promo that arrived at the same time. This one features Slovakian black metal band Malokarpatan and it once again comes courtesy of Sun & Moon Records. This EP has been released on 7" vinyl having been re-mastered following it's earlier digital release last year. Both songs here also featured on the 2017 "Samhain Celebration MMXVII" compilation tape that was released by German label Heimat Musik.

You’re greeted by bubbling, unnerving ambience on Cesta Podzemnými Sálami Kovovlada I. The ambience continues as it’s joined by folk elements and the odd smattering of guitar feedback. It’s all very intriguing as you wonder when Malokarpatan’s black metal will take hold. Cesta Podzemnými Sálami Kovovlada II is where that intrigue crescendo’s, as Malokarpatan’s heavier side bears fruit in a reverb-drenched way. The tone is lo-fi but obviously creative and the vocals are terrifying, being made up of deep bellows. The tempo is mid-paced and it sometimes draws from doom and even drone. There is groove within their music though and the addition of choral singing adds an extra occult layer to their sound.

This EP is another example of the avant-garde nature of black metal within Eastern Europe. Malokarpatan’s sound may be a little hard to palette for those who are anything but genre lifers, though their appeal is obvious. They serve up something once again unique and worthy of attention.

The full re-mastered EP can be streamed via Youtube below:-

You can buy vinyl copies from Sun & Moon Records here -

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