Wednesday 10 April 2019

Premiering: Chivàla - Materia E Memoria (Exclusive Premiere)

I'm excited to be able to bring you a new song from Italian screamo band Chivàla. It's due to appear on a new four-way split record that will also feature US bands Lytic, Amitie and Pique. No release date has yet been set for the split, but it will be released via Zegema Beach Records (Canada/US), Moment Of Collapse (Germany) and Shove Records (Italy).

Chivàla continues the long tradition of great Italian screamo bands (Raein, Shizune, Ojne etc) and this is the quartet's first new song since the release of their debut EP last year. You can stream their new song Materia E Memoria below:-

You can also hear exclusive songs from Lytic, Amitie and Pique via the publications below:-

Lytic, Amitie and Chivàla are all playing at this year's We Built The World And Miss The Stars Fest VI in Germany on May 10th. Check out the event page here -

Amitie and Chivàla are then due to play Ultimate Scream Fest '19 in Poland on May 12". The event page is here -
Last but not least, both Lytic and Chivàla are teaming up for a tour around Italy in June, check out the tour flyer below:-

Keep your eyes peeled on the below pages for more news on the split:-

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