Wednesday 17 April 2019

Woe - A Violent Dread

Labels: Vendetta Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 15 Mar 2019


1. A Violent Dread
2. The Knell And The World

Tonight's one of those nights where I just crave music that's heavy and ungodly. While no longer being anti-religious, Woe still satisfies that craving thanks to there now honed USBM. After starting as a solo-project back in 2007, Woe transitioned into a full band for the release of second full-length "Quietly, Undramatically". Two further full-lengths followed over the next seven years and now they're back once again with the EP "A Violent Dread". They've once again joined up with Vendetta Records (who helped to release their fourth full-length "Hope Attrition" in 2017) to release the EP on single-sided vinyl with a beautiful silkscreened b-side and digitally. 

If staring into the deep black chasm on the cover wasn’t enough then the instantaneous black metal of A Violent Dread will induce vertigo of the most dizzying kind. Rhythmic is may be but friendly it ain’t. All of the usual trappings are here but Woe exhibits levels of musical experience that only come after releasing four albums. The metallic and indeed melodic guitar work fights through the murk that’s applied by both the drums and bass, while the vocals sound as though they come straight from the vast abyss. It’s epic.

Form the intensity of the first track comes the atmosphere and post-metal textures of The Knell And The World. The instrumental build-up gradually becomes faster and more complex as Woe hits their blackened stride again. The post-metal influence is short-lived as the band heads forth with abandon and slays all in their wake. Thoroughly engaging and modern in their approach, they ignore the necro sounds that existed before them and make use of stellar production/mixing/mastering to bring their music to life. Layers of subtle melody hide within the song and it all comes together effortlessly. 

You’ll struggle to find two tracks that work together as well as they do here. Woe seem to be somewhat teasing you with this release but it bloody works. EPs don’t get as much attention as full-lengths when it comes to record-of-the-year but “A Violent Dread” should be included on merit.

You can stream the EP and buy it digitally and on vinyl though Vendetta Records below:-

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