Monday 22 April 2019

Siculicidium - A Halál és Az Iránytű EP

Labels: Sun & Moon Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 08 Apr 2019


1. A Halál
2. Az Iránytű

A couple of promos dropped into my inbox recently from a label called Sun & Moon Records. Both featured EP's from Eastern European bands, the first of which being Romania's Siculicidium. The duo from Harghita focus on black metal and have been spreading their music since 2003. They currently have two full-lengths as well as a demo, a split and countless EPs to their name. This EP is the perfect way to be inducted into their occult journey and into the history that they bring to life.

The standard of demos and EPs nowadays are above and beyond what they used to be and while this isn’t Siculicidium’s first foray into black metal by any means, it’s still a quality release and it shows their experience. After the soothing acoustic intro on A Halál, the duo’s music becomes rich in tone and drenched in evil. The riffs are cloaked in feedback, the drums are authoritative and the vocals contain a commanding rasp. It’s very characteristic of the Eastern European sound and its originality is obvious. A great introduction to the band so far.

Az Iránytű seems more like a battle song to start with, which is no surprise given that Siculicidium take their name from a mass murder that was committed by the Habsburg army in 1764 (I’m not a historian by the way. This information was on the band’s Metal Archives page). The song itself is more mesmeric and droning in parts, with repeated riffs and a slightly stripped back approach, to start with at least. The mid-section contains a great bass/drum passage that sounds as funky as it does occult and there are some interesting musical effects within it too. It highlights the duo’s ability to not just play extremely good black metal but to also make it unique and very listenable.

This is a fantastic EP and one that will surprise many. Even if you’re not an ardent black metal listener, I urge you to give this your attention. The best music in the genre is coming from outside of its biggest markets and Romania is one country that should be explored. 

Stream and purchase the EP on vinyl and digitally below:-

The EP is available on both black and clear vinyl from the band above and via Sun & Moon Records here -

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