Thursday 25 April 2019

Tia Carrera - Visitors/Early Purple

Labels: Small Stone Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 22 Mar 2019


1. Visitors
2. Early Purple

I'm nearing the end of a four day working week here and while that sounds good, in truth working one less day can be more draining. I'd normally head for something truly extreme at this point but breaking with tradition is a good thing. That's why Texan improv heavy rock/blues trio Tia Carrera were at the top of my list to write about this evening. They've recently released their latest EP, "Visitors/Early Purple", which features songs of the same names. It's been released on vinyl and also digitally via Small Stone Records, who have worked with the band previously. So, let's get going...

There aren’t many truly improvisational bands around nowadays, which is a real pity because some of the best shows I’ve been to have featured them. The instrumental skill and timing that their band members have is incredible. Tia Carrera is a band that live up to that statement and more. The trio’s groovy/bluesy sound is taken straight from the stoner/heavy rock sub-genres and it works perfectly. The bass, guitar and drums working together in harmony on Visitors. It’s a song that you’ll easily get lost in during it’s eighteen-plus minutes. 

Tia Carrera’s heavier/fuzzier side comes out during Early Purple, with its guitar tone that sounds even warmer than before. The live recording is great too as it shows off the trio’s true organic approach to playing and performing. I’m not sure how difficult it must be to recreate these same songs on a live stage given that they are improv (and therefore may not sound the same twice) but it would take some skill to do so. I can also imagine listening to this record on a fully analogue record player with tube amps and speakers, which would only improve the listening experience, which is already great. 

Stumbling across this has been a bit of a breath of fresh air. There’s no hint of “instrumental wankery” here at all and all Tia Carrera want to do is play music that’s enjoyable, intelligent and fun. That’s been well and truly achieved here. 

Stream and purchase "Visitors/Early Purple" on both formats below:-

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