Wednesday 8 May 2019

Wet Petals - II

Labels: Larry Records/Zegema Beach Records
Formats: Tape/Digital
Release Date: 01 March 2019


1. I: Cascade
2. II: Afterpastures
3. III: Interlude
4. IV: An Echo In The Carnage
5. V: Opium Summer
6. VI: Underneath The Plastic Rainbow
7. VII: __________________________

I couldn't go another day without writing a review and I realised that I've been sitting on tapes from Larry Records for too long. now. This review was meant to be part of a bigger feature but I didn't want to delay things any more. This tape was released earlier this year in collaboration with Zegema Beach Records (so I guess I'm now out of sync with my ZBR roster review series). New York state screamo trio Wet Petals started releasing music 2012 and this, their second full-length, originally saw the light of day in 2015 thanks to a digital self-release. This acts as a post-humous release as Wet Petals is no more. Tapes come in a printed/stamped envelope, which is a great DIY touch.

It seems that modern day screamo bands are living by the same mantra, as they’re around for a good time not a long time. Wet Petals certainly lived up to that having released one demo and two EPs/full-lengths, depending on your definition of the two. On “II” they managed to produce and perform screamo of the caustic yet twinkly variety. I: Cascade is everything I’ve just described and a whole lot more, with vocals that are as grating as screamo vocals get, while being backed up by off-kilter percussion and guitar work that’s as melodic as it is driving.

Wringing feedback kicks off II: Afterpastures, which ups the intensity and tempo, leading the music down a path that’s riddled with emoviolence. That belays the emotion dripping from the song though.
III: Interlude is exactly what it says, an interlude. The spoken-word sample and gently strummed guitar projects a mood that’s edgy and unnerving. It fits this release perfectly,

On IV: An Echo In The Carnage, there’s a sense of relaxation to begin with that’s shattered as the full band unleashes another shorter sub two-minute burst of violence. It’s a shock that both starts and stops on a dime. VI: Opium Summer takes Wet Petals back in a lengthier direction in terms of their compositions. It’s great all round and with the tempered drumming, it feels gentler on the soul, albeit briefly. The trio lurches between up-tempo passages and artier/off-kilter verses that aren’t without their intensity either. The closing few bars sound like they were composed using 8-bit/chiptune electronics, though I may be wrong. It sounds like it should be on a Nintendo Game Boy game. 

Penultimate number VI: Underneath The Plastic Rainbow has space to breath with its slower tempo and more laid back instrumentation. The spoken-word and audible vocals in the song could be compared to those of Old Gray or La Dispute, which is a compliment as they are truly emotive and heartfelt. The mysteriously tilted closer VII: __________________________ is one final, lurching release of anger from Wet Petals that fades into eventual silence and with it the feeling of calm and the provision of time for self-reflection. This is a record that feels raw but at the same time pure. Wet Petals may be gone but this final release will ensure that they’re not forgotten.

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