Saturday 11 May 2019

Deference/Vanity - Condemned To Repeat Split

Labels: Self-Released
Formats: CD/Digital
Release Date: 26 Apr 2019


1. Deference - Sin (w/Kerrie & Ryan from Vanity)
2. Deference - Burial (w/Kerrie & Ryan from Vanity)
3. Vanity - Human (w/Rob and Matt from Deference)
4. Vanity - Disillusioned (w/Rob and Matt from Deference)

On this split tow rising UK metal bands have joined forces to provide four collaborative songs. Instead of just sticking to the usual two-band split format, Southampton quintet Deference and London sextet Vanity have written two songs each in which the vocalists from each join the other to contribute vocals. This is a great idea that allows both bands to showcase their writing talents and as they've collectively toured with bands such as Chelsea Grin, Miss May I, Rolo Tomassi and more, they clearly know what they're doing. This split has been self-released and is available on cd and on all off the usual digital platforms.

This is my first time hearing both of these bands but I wanted to write about this split because if it’s forward-thinking nature. Deference is first up with Sins and what you get is technical, modern metal with plenty of melody and breakdowns. They’re joined by Kerrie and Ryan from Vanity for this one and their second and the dual harsh/clean vocals hark back to mid-00’s metalcore. Second song Burial is heavier initially and definitely calls on influences like Periphery and follows in the same vein as Sins before it. The riffs are crunching, the drumming is powerful though a little deep in the mix on occasion and the use of electronics is subtle yet very effective. It’s catchy too and the verse/chorus structure of both songs works well in a scene where lines are continuously being blurred.

Humane is the first time on this split that you get a sense of Vanity’s song-writing and they’re joined by Rob and Matt from Deference for both of their songs. Their sound is darker and it creates a similar atmosphere and brings to mind the heavier moments of Sikth, vocals-wise especially.  Again heavy breakdowns loom large here and they’re joined by audible vocals that would sit well with UK tech metal bands like Hacktivist, if I was to compare. The drumming is again powerful and the use of orchestral synths add extra layers too. It’s definitely more old-school in my opinion. Their second song Disillusioned is an aggressive one and it sounds like it was born from the streets, such is the attitude it has. Harrowing but also strangely relevant to current feelings. 

This split has been approached in a fresh way by both bands and in doing so, they’re going to put modern UK metal on the map once more. Both are unique and very much have their own sound. If you can pick up a copy of this and see them playing live then you’ll know what I mean. Good stuff indeed.

You can watch videos for both Burial (Deference) and Humane (Vanity) below:-

Vanity currently has cd copies available in their web store here - and you can grab it digitally from all of the mainstream platforms, though it doesn't seem to be on Bandcamp for those you who use it as your preferred platform.

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