Monday 11 December 2023

Plini - Mirage EP

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 01 Dec 2023


1. The Red Fox

2. Five Days Of Rain

3. Still Life

4. Aqua Vista

5. Ember

I couldn't pass this up when it appeared in my inbox last week. Over the last few years I've grown to love technical music (much like I've obsessed over the technical elements of Formula 1 motor racing) and I've found instrumental music to be the highest point of it all. Plini is a name I know thanks to my brother and one I'm glad to have been introduced to. Much like Nyos (Pelagic Records) and their album Waterfall Cave Fantasy, Forever, this brand new EP from the Australian guitar virtuoso will surely make a mark on 2023'a musical landscape, even if it's a very late one. The many instrument playing guests will surely help too, including one Tosin Abasi (Animals As Leaders).

I’m still recovering from a pre-Christmas pub crawl that took place on Saturday, so this evening’s all about rest and relaxation. Plini’s brand new EP works well in that department as ‘The Red Fox’ opens proceedings in dreamy musical fashion. Plini as always plays guitar and composes so there’s a myriad of other musicians to credit/give thanks to here; including Chris Allison (drums, percussion, mystery vocals), Simon Grove (bass, stunt guitar as well as engineering, mixing and co-production), A.J. Minette (piano as well as string arrangement and production), Misha Vayman (violin) and Yoshika Masuda (Cello). ’The Red Fox’ is a great opener to be fair, especially if you’re hearing Plini for the first time. Progressive guitar work coupled with equally artistic musicianship that pulls it beyond the notion that Mirage is just another opulent solo album.

After what seemed like a sprawling journey, ‘Five Days Of Rain’ is a much more succinct number and one that truly plays to Plini’s strengths as it allows his guitar playing to sit on top of the recording for the majority of the song. A very tangible snapshot of a master at work coupled with the additional piano of Dave Mackay and production from Devesh Dayal make it something else. If you’re at all familiar with Plini’s previous works then ’Still Life’ will sound very familiar to you with it’s bluesy leads that draw influence from the like of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, while still sounding completely unique and genuinely engrossing. The addition of an epic guitar solo from Tosin Abasi seals the deal.

‘Aqua Vista’ comes across as a more straightforward song initially, mainly thanks to it’s shorter running time, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s simple. It’s not and nor should it be. Plini and the wider musical collective herein remind you that it’s a progressive masterpiece all of it’s own. Closing with ‘Ember’, Plini truly leaves the absolute best till last. The sheer skill and musical artistry on show here is plain to see (or hear). By now, this shouldn’t come as a surprise given how established Plini is at this point. Some people may say that artists or bands peak at certain points in their musical careers and in some cases that is true; however, I believe that there is still much more to come from Plini. Only time will tell.

You can stream and purchase Mirage digitally below:-

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