Monday 4 December 2023

Alex B Kurbis - never had a chance, mind. EP

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 01 Dec 2023


1. Onion Heart

2. Pedestrian Roulette

3. Something Nice

4. Plancton/Commute

Completely unexpectedly, a new EP was released by Swiss indie/emo/punk band Alex B Kurbis on December 1st. Considering the band's debut full-length Mondays And Tuesdays was only released in June, this shows incredible productivity (or just plenty of songs left over. Who knows!). Alex B Kurbis appeared on my radar earlier this year and I really didn't expect new music so soon. Guess I shouldn't have expectations. then they can always be smashed for the better!

There are just four songs on this EP but then again good things come in small packages. Opener ‘Onion Heart’ beats to the tune of old-school punk once again. The melodic, minimalist type that gets toes tapping and hips shaking. Happy and upbeat. We all need a bit of that.

There’s a tinge of folk on ‘Pedestrian Roulette’, which isn’t out of place during the gentle first half of the song. The second half is louder, complete with added vocal layers, distorted guitars and a great sense of rowdiness.

Nothing needs to last too long and Alex B Kurbis know that. ‘Something Nice’ brims with constant rhythm from the drums that holds everything else together. The rest of the instrumentation and vocals keep pace as if they were hitching a ride by grabbing the rear bumper of a fast moving vehicle. 

EP closer ‘Plancton/Commute’ is the outlier here as it contains more of an art-punk vibe, which isn’t anything new to the band. It works majestically in this song. Helping to expand on what’s already been. As the choir of voices ring out towards the end it reminds me of a family or a group of friends singing together in happy times, even if the feedback at the end tears that vision.

Another really enjoyable release from Alex B Kurbis, who seem to be settling nicely into a sound that’s warming and soothing. There’s a lot of soul here. Embrace it.

You can stream and purchase the EP digitally below:-

Alex B Kurbis -

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