Sunday 15 May 2022

10 Questions With Plague Patrol

In November of last year I reviewed the debut demo from Czechian death metal band Plague Patrol. After much slackness on my part, I managed to put some interview questions together to send to the band. Guitarist Radek was kind enough to answer my questions and provide an insight into the band, and the scene in Czechia.

1. Who is in the band and where are you from?

Hi James, thanks a lot for you interest in our small miserable band. We are Plague Patrol from Prague Czech Republic and we play old school death metal. We wanted to steal riffs from Incantation as well as Tomb Mold, but we suck at it. I am Radek and I play the guitar, also bass in studio. There is Slavek, a singer, and Zubar on the drums. We are just a trio.

2. What is the history of Plague Patrol? When and how did you form?

Plague is a product of covid era started in October 2020. I wanted to write some proper death metal songs for such a long time and one day I asked Zubar to try something together. Thanks to all those lockdowns we have spent most of our evenings in a rehearsal room working on songs. That’s how the demo was done. During the recording session Slavek joined us. This is it!

3. Have any of you played in previous bands and are you in any other bands currently?

Well, we have tons of different bands haha. I play also in Decultivate (chaotic hc/crust), Skiplife (powerviolence), Controlled Existence (grindcore) and some other projects. Zubar is a member of Sick Destroyer (grindcore), Controlled Existence (grindcore), Rato Triste (sludge) and some other projects as well. Slavek also sings in Morkhimmel (metallic crust). The list of bands we played in is looooong. Obviously, we are bit old for a cult of youth.

4. You released your first demo last year. Are you pleased with the way it turned out and the what was the reception to it like from fans?

Yeah, we are totally overwhelmed by positive reactions. Actually, I didn’t expect much. I just wanted to release some proper death metal music done with a proper sound. Because it was on my wishlist for so many bloody years. The reception is cool for a band with no single gig played. Especially US death metal geeks are into our music. Endless gratitude to all people around the world supporting us! You all fucking rule!

5. What are your thoughts on the extreme metal scene in Czechia at the moment? Is the community strong there?

I guess so, we have bunch great bands and people doing things helping underground to stay alive. Hard to explain within few sentences, but I got a really great feeling about the scene right now, so many inspiring people doing inspiring things. Just one band: check a new album by Lycanthrophy. Their sound became unique. 

6. Are there any bands that have influenced you?

Definitely Incantation and some other classical stuff like old Deicide, Demigod or van Drunen stuff. And among those hyped new OSDM bands I totally adore Tomb Mold because their riffs are bit different but still slimy enough and with kinda punk attitude. Great band. I also love Mortiferum, but mostly their first demo, great riffing… These are the biggest influences for my guitar work, but you cant hear it in our music, because we can play only what we play, we suck at ripping off other bands haha.

7. What are your favourite albums/EPs at the moment?

Pharmacist – Flourishing Extremities.. because their music evolution is sick as fuck

Bandit – new album not released yet, crazy chaotic grindcore from the US

Kreator – Endorama …because they released it again on vinyl recently, not a typical Kreator album, Sisters of Mercy vibe with Mille’s vox basically haha

8. Do you intend to play live with Plague Patrol?

Yeah, there might be something in 2023, not earlier. If we play live, it will be a special occasion for sure. Cant say anything else right now.

9. It is early days I know, but how do you see the band evolving?

There is no other plan than creating some good death metal music. When a song is done, the world makes more sense. It's all about this, no popularity bullshit.

10. Finally, what are your thoughts on the music industry as a whole and where do you see it’s future?

It will be the same crazy rollercoaster powered by nostalgia. For example current death metal hype is nothing but a cry for times we have never experienced. So many shitty bands are on big labels, meh… But I can live with that haha. Thanks for your support!

You can stream and purchase Plague Patrol's Demo 2021 digitally via bandcamp below:-

Tape copies are sold out from them but you can still purchase physical copies from the labels below:-

Psychocontrol Records -

Psychocontrol Records -

Dry Cough Records -

Gutless Productions -

Headsplit Records -

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