Monday 9 May 2022

Song Premiere: Trophy Hunt - Pink Noise

The unstoppable release train keeps rolling on over at Zegema Beach Records and this evening, I'm once again super proud to be helping them out by premiering a brand new song from a soon-to-be-released album. The Branches On Either Side is the newest release from New York's own ecstatic grindcore (their words) band Trophy Hunt. Trophy Hunt released their debut album Silent Intercom in February 2020 and then followed it up with the three song EP Katabasis in March 2021. All three of those songs have been re-recorded specially for this new album. I can today bring you an advance stream of the album's tenth and final song 'Pink Noise' below:-

Here's what Trophy Hunt had to say about 'Pink Noise' -

“LOST SCAVENGERS, FRENZIED CONSUMPTION, NIGHT-TIDE FLOODS THE SENSES. LET IT BREAK UPON THE GROUND, OH WHAT A CALMING SOUND.” Pink Noise is the album closer, big boohoo USBM about attachment and the psychic pain people inflict on themselves, esp men who sleep with trans women. It’s a landscape of fear, hurt, and confusion that’s hard not to feel lost in.

In terms of the physical form of The Branches On Either Side, there will be 154 copies on 3 different tape variants, split across Zegema Beach Records, Middle-Man Records and the band (there's also the rumour of a vinyl pressing coming from a European label later this year). You can peep one of the variants below:-

As if that wasn't enough, you can also hear another album track in the form of 'Beach' on the new Sordid States v.4 comp from Middle-Man Records below:-

Keep your eyes fixed on the below socials for more news regarding the release and when it drops:-

Trophy Hunt -

Middle-Man Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

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