Sunday 8 May 2022

Visions From Beyond - Eternally Bound, Whipped By Time

Labels: Dry Cough Records/Sodden Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 28 Jan 2021


1. Sodden Species

2. Psychotic Possession

3. Ancient Dreams

4. Slave To The Reptant Cannibals

If you've been following the blog recently, you'll have seen my reviews of tape releases featuring Engraved, Sewer Fiend and Plague Patrol that were all released via Dry Cough Records last year. Well, there's plenty more where they came from as Dry Cough has been on (and indeed still is on) a pretty stellar run of death/doom releases, which I've been steadily ordering and enjoying over recent months. Bristol based death/doom band Visions From Beyond had it's debut EP Eternally Bound, Whipped By Time released by the label back in June 2021, having already been available digitally via both the band and Sodden Records since January 2021. It proved to be a very popular release with two extra tape runs coming after the initial run (only four copies from the third run are available to pick up directly from Visions From Beyond).

Visions From Beyond is a solo project of mammoth death/funeral doom proportions, which has links to Fetus Christ too. EP opener ‘Sodden Species’ is mired in old-school death metal that contains a heap of murkiness. The instrumentation here is really striking. The drums sound very analog/unfussy, while the bass guitar is very intricate. The melodic lead guitar is haunting and uneasy at times, while the deep growls drag the atmosphere down to funeral doom depths.

I can understand why this release has proven so popular. The uncluttered recording and production allow each instrument clear space to be heard. ‘Psychotic Possession’ is slightly more minimalist to my ears, with some very subtle similarities to Slimelord’s Moss Contamination in parts, if you’ve listened to that release.

How these songs fit together on the EP has cleary been well thought through, as is demonstrated on ‘Ancient Dreams’. The vocals sit slightly deeper in the mix here and are delivered as semi-whispered growls, letting the low-end driven music to come to the fore. The use of nicely placed atmospheric melody adds an extra element too, lifting the mood.

EP closer ‘Slave To The Reptant Cannibals’ draws on all of the instrumental prowess delivered by Visions From Beyond, wrapping it up in a package that even Cynic would be proud of. The guitar work leads the way one last time and all to quickly it’s over. I’d go as far to say that this debut could go down as a timeless classic within UK death/doom. I can’t wait to write about the band’s second release Drawing Down The Darkness at a later date.

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You can stream and purchase Eternally Bound, Whipped By Time digitally and on tape (but be quick!) below:-

Dry Cough Records have sold out of tape copies.

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