Monday 30 May 2022

Nionde Plagan/The World That Summer - Split 10"

Labels: Dead Punx Records/Dingleberry Records/Laserlife Records/Longrail Records/Pundonor Records/Stack Your Roster/Suspended Soul Tapes And Records/Through Love Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 08 Feb 2017


1. Nionde Plagan - Föreställningsvärldar

2. Nionde Plagan - Inget Att Förstå

3. The World That Summer - What Is Dead May Never Die

4. The World That Summer - Heat Death Parties Are The Bomb, Man

5. The World That Summer - Moth Volcano

By now both of these bands will (I'm sure) be familiar to you. If not, go and remedy that immediately! Sweden's Nionde Plagan joined forces with Canada's The World That Summer in February of 2017, to release a split on a very underused vinyl format (in my opinion anyway), the 10".  It was a joint release via a whole host of DIY, screamo loving labels. 

As this is the newest review from my ZBR roster review series, I need to acknowledge that my order of reviews goes in tandem with the order of ZBR's releases on bandcamp, from bottom to top and from right to left, going on the basis that the bottom right release is the earliest (obviously, that logic isn't always correct given that this split saw the light of day before the Eight Feet Under Comp, which was my previous review in the series). Either way. with my weird OCD aside, let's go.

Writing and publishing this review means that I’ve personally written more this May than I did last May. A small and personal mental boost, nothing more. Nionde Plagan has two tracks here compared to the three of The World That Summer, purely down to their song lengths. Their screamo/black metal fusion is joyous on opener ‘Föreställningsvärldar’. Spacious and cinematic guitars provide the bulk of the song’s atmosphere alongside the vocals, while the bass and percussion keep everything on an even keel, forever moving forwards. 

Their second and last song ‘Inget Att Förstå’ is more upbeat with punk-like tempos and groove-laden rhythms, if that’s an adequate way of describing it!. The vocals are still harsh, with the Swedish vocals providing something more authoritative. This 10” was their second to last release (at least if Discogs is to be believed) and it underlines how good they were/are. Next up it’s The World That Summer, whose side consists of the aforementioned three songs. ‘What Is Dead May Never Die’ is as atmospheric as Nionde Plagan’s opener at first before it morphs into an angrier, raw screamo song. That being said, it still brings out all the feels for sure.

‘Heat Death Parties Are The Bomb, Man’ is straight up sasscore/mathcore-inspired screamo, kind of in the vein of the obvious comparisons such as Seeyouspacecowboy and maybe even Euclid C Finder! sort of. It’s epic and it changes the mood of the split effortlessly. The World That Summer end on ‘Moth Volcano’, which aside from being a brilliant title, is also a great song that shows just how easy it is for a band to make three songs sound completely different, without being different (if you know what I mean?). 

Whatever my ramblings above represent, this split is ace. It contains the final songs committed to record by The World That Summer (again I’m relying on Discogs for this info, so it may not be accurate) and as mentioned above, was (caveat above) the penultimate release from Nionde Plagan. A very much underrated split on an underrated vinyl format. If you can still find a copy of this, buy buy buy!

For Fans Of: Old Man Gloom, Rinoa, Euclid C Finder!, Oak, Respire and Sadness

Stream and download it below:- 

Nionde Plagan -

The World That Summer -

Physical copies can still be purchased from the labels below:-

Laserlife Records -

Through Love Records -

Zegema Beach Records - CAN/INTL -

Dead Punx Records -

Dingleberry Records -

Laserlife Records -

Longrail Records -

Pundonor Records -

Stack Your Roster -

Suspended Soul Tapes And Records -

Through Love Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

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