Wednesday 4 October 2023

Eyeteeth - State Funeral

Labels: Atomic Breath Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 06 Oct 2023


1. Welfares Prayer

2. Armoured Jerubaal

3. Pig Iron

4. Survivor Syndrome

5. Still Broke

6. Wreck Head

Having only released their first 7" back in April, UK straight edge powerviolence band Eyeteeth are set to release a brand new six-track EP via Atomic Breath Records this Friday! It's being released as a 5", 25 black vinyl copies of which will make up a special limited box set with 75 copies coming on clear vinyl. I was lucky enough to be given a pre-listen, which I'm truly grateful form. On a side note: I don't know too much about Atomic Breath Records, so if anybody could link me up in the comments that'd be great.

I love it when bands go for different vinyl formats (aside from the usual 7” and 12” forms). Eyeteeth have chosen to release their latest recordings as a 5”, little more than five months after their Straight Edge Violence 7”. Eyeteeth take their cues from fastcore and powerviolence, so don’t expect anything to last much passed thirty seconds. Opener ‘Welfares Prayer’ hits top gear straight away with blasts, screeching feedback-filled riffs and super intense vocals. With no pauses between tracks, it’s best to listen to State Funeral in one full sitting (or more of course), as ‘Armoured Jerubaal’ comes at you hard. It is hard to process music when it’s thrown at you this fast but that’s the whole point here. Get in, get fast, get out.

‘Pig Iron’ contains way more groove than it should, with Eyeteeth showing their hardcore influence. It does remind a bit of bands like Water Torture and Sea Of Shit too, which is no bad thing at all. It’s worth mentioning at this point that the record was mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth (Ampere/Orchid/Vaccine), so it’s in very good company indeed. ‘Survivor Syndrome’ is a trip though the harshest environment you could imagine, given the sheer sonic peril that’s delivered through the speakers. 

In little over a minute you’re at the record’s penultimate song ‘Still Broke’. You get a full impression of just how hard Eyeteeth are pushing during this song. I feel like the UK fastcore community has gone under the radar in recent years, except for the likes of Endless Swarm and Atomck (I’m probably missing out loads of others too) but hopefully these guys will change that. Closer ‘Wreck Head’  finishes things up in exactly the right way by inducing pure mayhem.  

State Funeral takes what Eyeteeth did on Straight Edge Violence and dials it up several notches, The noise, the urgency and the precision make it the perfect 5” release. It’s great to see a band being this productive as well, as it means you can’t ignore or forget about them! Brilliant stuff.

There's no full pre-release stream up for this yet but you can hear some of it's track via Eyeteeth's Youtube channel here -

Eyeteeth -

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