Tuesday 3 October 2023

The Owl - Silver Lines EP

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 24 May 2023


1. Drop

2. Distort

3. Fatal Orbit

4. Back Up Plan

It's been a long time since I've featured anything by The Owl. It hasn't been on purpose, I'm just way over my head again in terms of regular posts etc. Before I get into this release I want to pay tribute to the fact that The Owl's main protagonist made it to 1000 days sober (if I remember correctly). Silver Lines is supposed to be an amalgamation of electronica, synth, breakbeat and more. Not what's usually covered here but The Owl holds a special place in my heart.

A bit of a voyage into the unknown for me this, but after reading The Owl’s story about what happened to the laptop that was destined to be used for a gig the same night, I felt compelled to listen to the release that’s cover bares the picture of the resulting damage. Silver Lines is an amalgamation of synth, electronica and breakbeat (I didn't just steal that sentence from my opening paragraph I swear!). A bit at odds with The Owl’s noisier/heavier output but really enjoyable at the same time. Opener ‘Drop’ is a pretty laid back affair, which bleeps and pulses through just over four minutes. It’s repetitive nature is really entrancing.

‘Distort’ is really aptly named given where The Owl’s roots come from in terms of heavy/fast music. The song itself however, ins’t so much heavy as it is glitchy and somewhat trippy. The breakbeat comes to the front, definitely distorting the melodies that flow in and out. The percussive side of Silver Lines takes centre stage on ‘Fatal Orbit’, moving further away from the hypnotic nature of the EP’s opening song and instead choosing to bewilder you with off-kilter beats and melodies. It’s a great piece of improv music (if indeed it is improvisational).

EP closer ‘Back Up Plan’ makes use of synths that sound a lot more analog and organic, that sit on top of beats, providing a relaxed and soothing ending. Harsh noise has always been a tough sell for me weirdly, given my love of powerviolence and noise-rock, so hearing an artist produce an EP as varied and enjoyable as this is a big plus. Maybe I should delve deeper into this musical realm.

Sonic joy is few and far between for my right now. The daily churn of work and decompressing after work has left me feeling quite lethargic. Thankfully, Silver Lines doesn’t require a huge amount of energy and instead rewards you via soothing tones.

You can stream and purchase Silver Lines digitally below:-

The Owl - https://www.facebook.com/theowlsounds

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