Tuesday 31 October 2023

Geist - Blueprints To Moderate Sedation

Labels: Cursed Monk Records/Black Omega Recordings/Trepanation Recordings

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 20 Sep 2023


1. Future Eaters

2. Peeling Wax

3. One Less Leech

4. Vessel Of Nothing

5. Panic Addicts

6. Help Less

7. Mass Instruction

8. Every Aching Bone

9. Terminal

10. Leech Chewer

It's safe to say (once again) that I am completely out of my rhythm. Still, I'm hoping that this Halloween night will be the catalyst to reverse my lack of productivity. It helps that my accompaniment comes in the form of UK hardcore-punk/pv band Geist. Their latest full-length Blueprints To Moderate Sedation was released in September with physical copies coming courtesy of Cursed Monk Records, Black Omega Recordings and Trepanation Recordings.

The pitch-black/dank facade I look out on is almost perfect this evening, especially when it’s set to the new Geist record. Album opener ‘Future Eaters’ is a bleak hardcore song filled with frenzied metallic riffs, a venomous low-end and intense drumming, while the vocals instantly grab your attention thanks to their powerviolence crossed with old school hardcore-punk delivery. ‘Peeling Wax’ sees Geist compress their sound and song-writing (not for the first time) into a sub two-minute blast, except this time there’s more math subtlety, if that’s even a thing.

The slower tempo that greets you on ‘One Less Leech’ brings back everything that’s great about UK powerviolence for me. That thicc guitar sound, sludgy atmosphere and the constant anticipation of a huge shift in pace. That shift comes and when it does it’s fantastic. Geist’s ability to change course musically is brilliant and that course changes again with ‘Vessel Of Nothing’, which slows and lowers the mood even further. I guess if Eyehategod and Blood Incantation collaborated, it might be akin to this maybe?

‘Panic Addicts’ sets you back on a more familiar path with a short and succinct blast of hardcore, while ‘Help Less’ and it’s downtempo atmosphere paints a bleak picture, critiquing on the current social and economic environment in which we live. As human beings we’re inherently selfish and this song reminds us so. 

Given how the last few years have gone ‘Mass Instruction’ is an apt song-title and while people are still divided, life goes on. I’m just thankful that music like this is still being released, as it proves that there is still freedom of thought in society (despite what religious bigots and conspiracy theorists tell you!). ‘Every Aching Bone’ moderates the anger within only slightly, with a more straight-forward outlook. 

Before you know it, penultimate song ’Terminal’ is upon you with it’s sampled, bass-heavy intro and off-kilter sludge that follows. It’s harrowing to say the least, but also sort of euphoric at the same time. There is a pleasure to be had from listening to extreme music and this hits the sweet spot. Closer ‘Leech Chewer’ rages even when It’s dialled back to mere feedback. 

It’s been one hell of a journey during these ten songs. When two working days have already felt like five, there’s not much room for rest. Blueprints To Moderate Sedation does nothing to turn off the overactive mind and mine’s racing a mile a minute. It’s a fantastic record and hopefully it’s battery will lead to peace.

You can purchase the album digitally and on vinyl/tape formats from Geist below:-

Geist - https://www.facebook.com/ukgeist

Copies are also available from the labels below:-

Cursed Monk Records - https://cursedmonk.bandcamp.com/merch

Black Omega Recordings - https://blackomegarecordings.bigcartel.com/

Trepanation Recordings - https://trepanationrecordings.bandcamp.com/merch

Cursed Monk Records - https://www.facebook.com/cursedmonk

Black Omega Recordings - https://www.facebook.com/BlackOmegaRecordings

Trepanation Recordings - https://www.facebook.com/TrepRec

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