Thursday 2 November 2023

Infinity Ritual - II EP

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital

Release Date: 03 Nov 2023


1. FCG (Intro)

2. Succession

3. Earthdriver

4. Deceivers

5. Stones

I decided to pick something at random this evening and it just so happens that it's due to be released tomorrow (or today if you're in New Zealand and other Southern Hemisphere nations), which Infinity Ritual are. They're from New Plymouth, NZ to be exact and II is their latest EP, which follows their 2022 debut EP. II will be/is available on vinyl, CD and digital formats. All self-released!

After a day that started with me thinking it was Wednesday (thanks alarm clock!), it feels nice to be sat here digging into some good old groove-laden stoner rock. EP opener ‘FCG (Intro)’ is described as an extended introduction to second track ‘Succession’ and is only available on the vinyl version. It’s a nice psych/cosmic intro that sets the scene. I still don’t get the reasoning behind putting extra songs or music on some formats but not others. Maybe I never will.

Onto first song proper ‘Succession’ though, which is filled with top-drawer doom/stoner riffs, classy percussion and dual clean/harsh vocals that all add significant volume to this trio. Infinity Ritual’s sound so far has a nostalgic element to it, at times taking cues from early UK doom pioneers and gothic influences as well. There are similarities to the likes of Electric Wizard and Orange Goblin, but also Anathema and Paradise Lost too. 

‘Earthdriver’ dials up the stoner rock vibes with semi-clean vocals, all-encompassing drum work and a downright dirty guitar solo that seems to last for almost half the song, leading you into hallucinatory territory. New Zealand had always been great at producing bands in a similar vein to Infinity Ritual, with 8 Foot Sativa and Beastwars springing to mind immediately. The thing that catches me off guard here though is the nu-metal/grunge undertones that are present during ‘Deceivers’ (think Mad At Gravity, Spineshank, early-Hoobastank). 

I’ve mentioned way too many other bands in this review already so I’m gonna stop, because I’m not trying to pigeonhole Infinity Ritual, instead I’m trying (badly) to paint a picture of how varied and strong their music is. Talking of strong music, ending with a near twenty minute song that takes up an entire side of vinyl is a perfect example of that. ‘Stones’ is that song and it’s the slowest, darkest number on II, which is unsurprising. It’s largely instrumental and shows even more of Infinity Ritual’s musical, song-writing skill. Things get a bit weird for a short time before one final short blast of the band’s full-throttle stoner.

Listening to this EP has awakened something inside me (without sounding twee). It reminded me why I truly connected with heavy music in my mid-late teens even before I started writing about it online. There aren’t many bands that can genuinely do that! Infinity Ritual haven’t just released another record destined for the ether, they’ve released something special.

You can currently (at the time of writing) stream 'Earthdriver' on bandcamp below, as well as on other streaming services:-

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