Wednesday 15 November 2023

Beige Palace/Cassels - Waterloo Sublet/About Not Writing Split 7"

 Labels: Human Worth/God Unknown Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 07 Apr 2023


1. Beige Palace - Waterloo Sublet

2. Cassels - About Not Writing

Some years ago now I went to an all day gig at The Brudenell in Leeds. The two bands that I remember from that day were Hoof Glove (members of Famine/Khuda at the time if my memory serves me right) and Beige Palace. Despite the foggy memory, coming across this split that was released earlier this year via London label Human Worth and God Unknown Records, memories came flooding back. Beige Palace is an experimental/art-rock trio from Leeds and London duo Cassels play a combination of arty post-punk/noise rock.

It feels very late in the day to be writing about anything noisy (especially as I’ve only recently complained to a neighbour about their tenant playing loud pop music at 4am on a weekend). Adulting aside, let’s dive into some noisy rock starting with Beige Palace and their song ‘Waterloo Sublet’. I think I must have seen a very early iteration of Beige Palace back in the day because I can’t remember them sending like this. It’s a somewhat minimalist song instumentation-wise, while the vocals are a mix of clean shouts and harsher screams. I love the multi-vocal approach. It reminds me of the warmth and experimentation that encompasses the rock/punk/heavy community in Leeds.

Cassels are a new band to my ears but one that immediately strikes me with the stark sound of their song ‘About Not Writing’. It goes from cocky London indie/spoken-word to dissonant noise and back with ease. It reminds me of early Franz Ferdinand in places, which is where the post-punk similarities come about, except they’re much heavier towards the end. I really don’t know how else to describe this song. Cassels definitely deserve more research/listening if you haven’t heard them before.

This split release demonstrates just how diverse the DIY/grassroots music scene is in the UK. Both Beige Palace and Cassels approach their craft from different angles, yet they both compliment each other. Despite there only being two songs on this split, that’s still more than enough to get you started. Another great little 7”. We need more of these.

You can stream and purchase this split digitally below from both labels, where it's also available to buy on 7" vinyl:-

Beige Palace -

Cassels -

Human Worth -

God Unknown Records -

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