Sunday 1 March 2015

Rash Decision - Seaside Resort To Violence


2. Boredom
3. Cost Of My Pride
4. Seabiscuit's Revenge
5. Dislocate
6. Learning Things About The World, Part III
7. Ratican
8. Losing The Fight
9. Bottom Feeder
10. Cathcart, Robert A
11. Protection
12, Gears
13. Rotted Out
14. Kobayashi Maru

There's a risk of me getting to serious with all this black metal/sludge, so it's time to take a step back and jam something a bit different. It's hard to see what could possibly make you angry in Cornwall, but Rash Decision have found it and are writing about it. They're hard touring and have a bloody strong underground pedigree to boot. I even have a copy of their early split CD with Ericbana somewhere! Their brand of punk is infused with thrash (a la Municipal Waste), hardcore (a la Minor Threat) and they've got links to Monolithian and F.Emasculata. Seaside Resort To Violence was released in 2014 as a collaborative effort by the band and a load of labels, including Pumpkin Records, AWOL Records, Charlies Big Ray Gun Records, Smegma Records, Atomsmasher Records and Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records.

This ought to get rid of the Sunday blues! Rash Decision are straight to the point punk. They start Seaside Resort To Violence with a slab of hardcore-fuelled noise called MRCC. It’s great to hear some genuine punk riffs played by proper punks and the quick-fire duo of Boredom and Cost Of My Pride are ace. There’s gang vocals and some top lead work included for good measure too. There are times where Rash Decision turn the pace right up and Seabiscuit’s Revenge is a slab of good old grinding fun, which demonstrates that their humour is in the right place! Some songs are filled with so much energy that they seem longer than they are, with Dislocate featuring some heavy-hitting sludge riffs, Rash Decision uses the experience of their members to great effect. Learning Things about The World, Part III may as well be a Spazz song, as it’s over before you know it. They have a stab at the pope on the amusingly titled Ratican (at least that’s what I think they’re singing about, but I’m probably wrong!). It bleeds straight into Losing The Fight where punks gang-mentality is well and truly alive. I’m a big fan of crossover thanks to growing up listening to Municipal Waste and the like and I was grinning all the way through Bottom Feeder. They’re snotty and belligerent on Cathcart, Robert A, even with the hardcore stomp that ends the song. It takes a lot of endurance to play at the pace that Rash Decision do throughout Seaside Resort To Violence but there’s no sing of tiring as they come to the end of the record. Protection and Gears are both furious from start to finish. The samples they use in some songs like Rotted Out, add atmosphere that’s sometimes unnerving but once the punk kicks in again, any such feeling is banished. They close the album with Kobayashi Maru, which is the only song that passes the two-minute mark. The drumming is intense and the song is one last excuse for Rash Decision to hit full-throttle and remind you of what you’ll be missing when it’s all over. I’ve not been listening to a huge amount of fast stuff recently but this got by blood flowing. The UK needs grassroots punk to keep it grounded and you can’t get much better than Rash Decision.

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