Monday 23 March 2015

Putrid Offal - Mature Necropsy


1. Purulent Cold
2. Garroting Way
3. Mortuary Garlands
4. Gurgling Prey
5. Repulsive Corpse
6. Suffering
7. From Plasma To Embalming
8. Organic Excavation
9. Premature Necropsy
10. Symptom
11. Rotted Flesh
12. Birth Remains
13. Outro

A lot of people have a fascination with gore and violence, though this fascination is usually brought on by TV or video games and never manifests itself into anything more than a curious fantasy. Death metal bands have been playing on this fascination for years and gore is now a staple subject within the genre. A lot of people credit Cannibal Corpse for starting it all off. Following a mere two-years after the humble beginnings of that band, French gore-grind/death maniacs Putrid Offal released their "Unformed" demo in 1991. After three or so years of demos and split releases, they sunk back into the shadows before re-launching in 2014 with the "Suffering" EP and a compilation prior to this, their first full-length, released via French extreme metal label Kaotoxin Records in February.

Having been active during the golden years of gore/death in the early-mid 90’s, Putrid Offal are seasoned pros when it comes to slamming, fast death. Opener Purulent Cold is truly a testament to that point and it sets out their stall early. Warp-speed kick drums, buzzsaw guitar and guttural screams are all present and correct. It’s impossible to stay cold to Putrid Offal’s goreific noise and Garroting Way adds haunting dynamics to the mix. I think judging by the intense speed of the percussion on Mortuary Garlands, it must be programmed. That doesn’t take away from the intensity of the song though and even the slower sections sound mighty. Things are more structured on Gurgling Prey, with groove and lead-work adding to PO’s arsenal. PO use mid-paced intros to great effect on Mature Necropsy, as is the case during Repulsive Corpse. In fact, throughout the song it adds a whole load of weight to their death/grind barrage. Suffering a brief and repeated stab to the chest that reeks of rumbling bass and spilled guts. PO go from fast to slow on From Plasma To Embalming, which features some ace off-time drum fills. The second half of Mature Necropsy is no time to rest either, as the momentum stays strong on Organic Excavation, which rings to the sound of harmonics and rasping growls. Premature Necropsy is also the name of the compilation album that came before this record. The song itself feature more haunting atmospherics. Symptom is 40 seconds of stop-start grind that Carcass would be proud of. They pummel you with some of the fattest riffs on Rotted Flesh. This would certainly keep slam fans happy in a live setting, The fetid atmosphere of Birth Remains leaves one last taste of death in your mouths and all that’s left is for your to contemplate your existence and the Outro leads you to a life of torture and depravity. You have to be made of very strong stuff in order to stomach Mature Necropsy, but if you do you’ll be rewarded with probably one of the strongest death metal records of recent times. 

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