Saturday 21 March 2015

Sky:Lark/Meadows - Split 7"


1. Sky:Lark - Broken Feet
2. Sky:Lark - How Many Times?
3. Sky:Lark - Centurion Beast
4. Meadows - Super Thunder Blade
5. Meadows - I Am Stone Head

I've had this 7" for a while and love it, but it's taken me a while to write about it. London based trio Sky:Lark and fellow Brits Meadows came together last year to release this split via SuperFi Records. Five songs in all and great cover art too! UK noise is the best noise.

Starting with Sky:Lark, opener Broken Feet is loud and full of angular sludge riffs and schizoid musical movements. This is exactly why the UK can’t be beaten when it comes to forward thinking noise-rock and punk. This is mathy and shouty. How Many Times? should really be renamed How Many Riffs?, as it’s filled with ‘em. Sky:Lark are pretty minimal in vocal terms but that’s no bad thing. Their last contribution Centurion Beast is their grooviest number on the split, but that groove doesn’t stop them launching into something all the more frantic and heavy later in the song. This song epitomises their sound, which is one that’s hard to categorise and one that you should just roll with. Meadows are perfect bedfellows for Sky:Lark. They are more bipolar though as one minute they’re bulldozing their way through some throbbing sludge and the next minute they’re a ferocious mass of blast n grind, on the brilliantly titled Super Thunder Blade. I Am Stone Head is a different beast, as it plays to their stoner/sludge tendencies. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of madcap fast parts in it but altogether it sounds more contained. Listening to this is making me yearn for more curious noise/hardcore/sludge 7” records and I’ll probably end up going on an almighty splurge soon. Anyway, you should probably get this split if you haven’t already and keep an eye on both bands while you’re at it. Sky:Lark have a new LP on the way and Meadows have recently contributed to a comp tape from Eolian Empire. They also play many gigs.!

You can stream the whole split via Sky:Lark's bandcamp page here -

You can purchase the 7" from Sky:Lark via bandcamp above and from Meadows here -

It's also available from SuperFi Records here -

Sky:Lark Facebook -
Meadows Facebook -
SuperFi Records Facebook -

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