Friday 6 March 2015

Older - You Don't Know What You're Talking About EP


1. Disease
2. Eyes
3. Past
4. Dead Beat
5. Still Not Scared
6. Noose
7. Stray Cats

So another week has almost passed and in spite of the impending chaos I'm going to face next week (including a weekend away in Edinburgh at Doom Over Edinburgh), there's still plenty of time to get some more write-ups done. I'm continuing my foray into the immovable physical release pile and checking out this seven-track tape from Southwest PV/Punk trio Older. Released digitally by the band in June 2014 and a few months later on tape by the ever formidable Headless Guru Records, it was the first chance I've had to check out another new band. 

This tape opens with the jarring intro of Disease and is followed by just over two-minutes of punk-laden hardcore noise. Its fast and plenty raw. Just like the best PV bands from this fair isle, Older don’t mince their words and don’t outstay their welcome. They sound like an angrier version of Gallows on Eyes, with the vocals retaining a refreshingly British accent. Past deceives you as it starts of at breakneck speed before Older settle into a mid-paced stomp. They lift the pace with Dead Beat in the second of two sub one-minute blasts. The riffs are melodic and hark back to the old-school sound, instead of sounding forced or manufactured. They channel the spirit of Napalm Death into Still Not Scared, favouring a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it approach. There’s absolutely no denying their quality on Noose. It’s loud and pretty damn rousing, with no room for sentiment. It makes me wonder why punk like this isn’t more popular, when over-produced and sometimes atonal moshcore is. I guess there’s no accounting for taste! Closer Stray Cats is the kind of song that would surely get Maximum Rock n Roll buzzed. Plenty of rock n roll sass in the guitars and gang vocals that could fill a room. Older are brilliant and HGR have yet again managed to shine a spotlight on a UK punk band that deserve attention. This is great!

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