Friday 20 March 2015

Oaths - Stag Party EP


1. Lover, Another
2. Idols (Rivals)
3. Hank Moody
4. Amsterdam
5. I Am The Danger

Staying in the North-West, I've also been sent the latest EP from Manchester based hardcore n roll band Oaths. Stag Party is their debut EP, following their earlier single - I Am The Danger, which actually features here. By the way, if you think the term hardcore n roll is a bit daft, just think about bands like Every Time I Die and Cancer Bats! It's been doing Oaths a lot of good as they've been getting coverage in the pages of Metal Hammer and played on Kerrang! Radio recently.

At first listen to Stag Party, opening track Lover, Another leans more towards post-hardcore but then Oaths hit their stride and up the anti. Like fellow Brits The NX, they’re loud and full of riffs, but aren’t afraid of melody and clean singing either. So it’s radio friendly to a point, but it’s also heavy. That melody I mentioned is used to greater effect during Idols (Rivals) and provides a catchy element to the song. The clean guitar that Oaths use also proves a good move, in my opinion. The whole of Idols (Rivals) is a joy to listen too. As Hank Moody begins, I’m beginning to think that the hardcore n roll tag is doing them a disservice. That’s the last time I let pre-review research creep into the final piece! There are times when Oaths remind me of some of the best UK post-hardcore bands of the early 00’s and that make me happy. Amsterdam shows Oaths at their pin-point best. They don’t write overly long songs, yet Amsterdam feels full of urgency and vigour due to the earnest screams and powerful drumming. They end Stag Party with I Am The Danger, which was their very first recorded output last year. It contains more of a rock n roll feel but still fits the vibe of this EP really well, as their post-hardcore is not outweighed. I think that Oaths could well be as big as Funeral For Friend in the future, which is big praise for such a new band. They deserve it though, as Stag Party is great.

Oaths don't utilise Bandcamp or Soundcloud, but you can stream and download Stag Party here -

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