Thursday 19 March 2015

Resistance: Anti-NSBM Volume 1 & 2 Compliations

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Bogdan from Void Forger, who told me about a comp that had been set up by The Dark Skies Above Us for Emilio, who was badly injured when he was attacked (along with others) at Dordoni social centre in Cremona, Italy. The attack was carried out by a far-right group of around 40 people. with Emilio and others being injured; some seriously. The compilation has been made available as a name-your-price download to raise money to help.

Since Volume 1 was released, a second volume had also been made available and both feature a whole host of bands, including the like of Void Forger and Twilight Fauna whom I've featured here before as well as Doom, Misery Index and tonnes of others. Both comps have been set up by The Dark Skies Above Us, who promote anti-right wing heavy music. I've posted the full listing for each comp below:-

Resistance: Anti-NSBM Volume 1

1. Nihilist Waves (Italy) - Where Is The Unity
2. Doom (UK) - Nazi Die
3. Absolutist (Ireland) - Pain
4. Ruinas (Argentina) - Iconoclastas
5. Void Forger (Romania) - Raise The Curtain (Jerry's Kids)
6. Dode Rotter (Italy) - Zoom
7. Macula (Brazil) - Seguindo o Coracao
8. Aurea (Venezuela) - VI
9. Iskra (Canada) - Cursed Reamls Of The Winter Demons
10. Human Host Body (Slovenia) - Sankcije
11. G.U.O.R (Italy) - Quante Volte...
12. Social Horror (Venezuela) - Caracas
13. N.I.S (Italy) - Parassiti
14. Headshot (Mexico) - Slaves
15. Eternal Noise Doom (Italy)- Dust
16. Norn (Iceland) - Eg Hata Island
17. Kalashnikov (Italy) - Vampirizzati Oggi

As well as the good cause that this comp is raising money and awareness for, The Dark Skies Above Us have brought together a really broad selection of bands. There’s quite a few here I’ve not heard before so I decided to sit and check them out. Nihilist Waves (Italy) create some really unsettling noise on Where Is The Unity. They sound quite avant-garde but with undertones of crust and black metal. It reminds a bit of Sutekh Hexen’s soundscapes and is a menacing way to start the comp. Crust legends Doom (UK) need no intro, but the utterly disgusting blast of Nazi Die says all you need to know. The post-metal tones of Absolutist (Ireland) provide some respite on their contribution Pain. That respite is short-lived though as they soon launch into some blackened hardcore. Ruinas (Argentina) were another band that I hadn’t heard of prior to this comp. They deliver some hefty crust on Iconoclastas. Void Forger (Romania) were another familiar name. If you want to sample their sludge-laden noise then check out Raise The Curtain (Jerry’s Kids). Next up is more fast as hell crust n grind from Dode Rotter (Italy). I think their song is called Zoom, but what I can confirm is that it’s insane and is over too quickly. There’s more South American punk flavour in the form of Macula (Brazil) up next. Their raw crust-punk on Seguindo O Coracao is over in a flash but it’s well worth listening too, with plenty of melodic guitar textures. Aurea (Venezuela) are a welcome change of pace, though I don’t know too much about them. Their blackened crust features some really furious screams and really makes them standout on VI. The bruising crust of Iskra (Canada) and the track Cursed Realms Of The Winter Demons is where the familiarity ends on this comp, as the second half is given wholly to unfamiliar bands, which means time for discovery! Human Host Body (Slovenia) are brilliantly belligerent on Sankcije, which is full of blasts, double-bass and crazed powerviolence. The mysterious G.U.O.R (Italy) come next with Quante Volte…, which features raw as hell punk that flies by in less than two-minutes. More South American flare comes in the form of Social Horror (Venezuela). Caracas features the sort of punk that would be lapped up by MRR and it’s rad! I can’t describe the sound of N.I.S (Italy) on Parassiti. It’s tech, thrash and punk all swished around in a blender and than spat back out. Top stuff! Headshot (Mexico) follow on with some more obvious crust on Slaves, but it’s no less fun. Eternal Noise Doom (Italy) are as horribly vile as you’d expect with their track Dust. The gut-wrenching screams that come in over the top of the music are torturous. Harrowing but worth waiting for all the same. Norn (Iceland) bring some native-language hardcore to the comp and pummel you with Eg Hata Island . Kalashnikov (Italy) close out the comp with Vampirizzati Oggi and something really different. It’s horror-punk that’s been injected with traditional metal guitar licks and clean vocals. It’s a great light-hearted note to end on.

The second volume of the compilation has been set up to help US citizen Eric get back on his feet, following an unfair incarceration. This volume features 24 songs, again performed by bands from across the globe. Unfortunately, I've not been able to locate the nationalities of the bands on the second compilation due to time constraints, but you can find the band/track listing below. 

Resistance: Anti-NSBM Volume 2

1. Modesto Continente - Cat-Ass Trophy
2. Acromo - Faces Do Ecocidio
3. Cuscuta - Untitled
4. Larva Ov Cum - Imploro Flumi Di IRA Sociale
5. Satanatum - Do The Drones Dream Of Electric Gods?
6. Angoracoid - Satanico Pandemonium
7. SatAnarchist Apparition Storm - Total Fucking Anarchy
8. Regnvm Animale - Samsara
9. Pulso Etilico - Paranoia
10. Ierru - Cussu Chi Depet Essere Fatu
11. Nephilim - The Necromancer
12. Wild's Reprisal - Death Of Nature
13. Schattenlight - Niemals Vergessen
14. Virium - Wolved By The Moonlight
15. In Flagrante Delicto - Ultio
16. Misery Index - The Color Of Blood
17. Gulag - Gauzes
18. Deafest - Rising From The Ridgeline
19. Rejekts - Caduta
20. Black Cascade - Arise
21. Karg - Asternregen
22. Twilight Fauna - Emancipation In Chaos
23. Peregrine - Reduced To Ashes
24. Smarta - Postmodernism

Both compilations can be streamed below and please make a donation if you wish to download them. All funds go to the causes mentioned above.

More info about The Dark Skies Above Us and the cuases they support can by found here -

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