Thursday 5 March 2015

Venowl - Patterns Of Failure


1. Patterns Of Failure
2. Hung Alive By The Ribs To A Gallows
3. The Bounded Are Loathed

There's a lot of stuff that I've been behind on and this tape from last year is one such example. The 2014 release of Patterns Of Failure by Venowl, which I picked up from releasing label Broken Limbs Productions (along with some special tapes that were pressed only for Martyrdoom festival). The tape features the re-mastered demo from 2012 and was limited to 100 copies. Venowl themselves play crazed doom that comes right from the depths of Illinois and include a mammoth three-way vocal attack.

With recent releases from Coltsblood and Primitive Man, doom has been shaking the foundations of metal with plenty of slow and low grooves. Venowl shakes them further, but with a more improvisational style. The re-mastered title-track that starts this tape off is truly frightening. From the crawling pace of the guitars and percussion to the shrieking disarray ushered in by the vocals, this is the definition of uneasy listening. There isn’t a lot in the way of melody within Venowl’s music but the cleanly plucked guitar at the beginning of Hung Alive By The Ribs To A Gallows is a brief distraction from the madness. It’s not long before the trio are once again torturing you with sound. The bass feature more prominently on Hung Alive… and the sultry tones are backed up with what seem like the screams of the dead. The claustrophobia felt throughout Patterns Of Failure is best summed up on The Bounded Are Loathed. The only band that made me feel this uncomfortable previously was Sutekh Hexen, but I think Venowl might have even surpassed them! At nearly an hour long, Patterns Of Failure lurches and lists, at times sounding the creaking bowls of a ship. This review won’t do Venowl the justice they deserve, but it acts as a mere interpretation of what goes on once this tape is is released from it’s plastic tomb. People say that horrific and evil deeds can sometimes cleanse their victims. In the case of Patterns Of Failure, the dirt will never disappear.

You can digitally stream and download Patters Of Failure here:-

Tape copies are sold out from both band and label it would appear, but you may still be able to pick some up from various distros.

Venowl Facebook -
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