Tuesday 24 March 2015

Blue Friend - Home/Violence 7"


1. Home
2. Violence

Japan as a nation really intrigues me and their music even more so. Specifically, the hardcore and screamo scenes. One band that has caught my attention is recent months is Tokyo's Blue Friend. They released an LP via Dog Knights Productions last year and have gone on to release this two-track 7" through the same label this year. Both tracks featured on a split CD that Blue Friend were part of, which also included Asthenia and Calculator (it was released to coincide with Calculator's tour of Japan last year).

Blue Friend are surprisingly visceral when at their loud, violent best. They progress through passages of emo-violence to calming instrumentals easily on Home, while showing that they have their own unique identity. It’s an identity that seems to frequent a lot of Japanese hardcore bands. Violence is a pretty apt title for the second track, as after the sound clash that kicks it off, Blue Friend flail and fling themselves through the song, only allowing brief moments of rest. The longer playing time of Violence allows their song-writing to spread out and the song becomes more encompassing and emotive. Blue Friend say a lot in two songs, more than a lot of other bands say in ten. If you’ve not got this 7” or in fact their recent LP, I urge you to pick them up.

You can stream and purchase Home/Violence here:-

You can also buy the vinyl version from Dog Knights Productions here - http://dogknightsproductions.bigcartel.com.

Blue Friend Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bluefriendtokyo
Dog Knights Productions Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dogknights

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