Saturday 7 March 2015

Anarchos - Descent Into The Maelstrom


1. Anointing Of The Sick
2. Morbid Ways To Decay
3. The Great Black Death
4. Sarggeburt
5. Tales Of The Mutilated Remains

I'm almost at the end of my current review cycle, with just a couple more to go after this one. I'll then re-work my schedule for the coming weeks. Things have gotten so busy that I need to organise myself a bit more effectively. I can put that to one side though and focus on the task in hand, which is a look at the 2014 EP from Dutch death metal band Anarchos. Descent Into The Maelstrom was released via VIC Records and is only the band's second release after their demo in 2012. The members of Anarchos have their roots planted firmly in 90s death metal so this should be an old-school treat!

Anarchos put together a sound that’s without pretence. Anointing Of The Sick features a huge barrage of sound, created by powerful guitar and deep-bellowing growls. The drums are furious too, even when played at mid-pace while the melody that sits in the mix is sinister and harks back to the greats like Autopsy and even Entombed. This isn’t just blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kick drum fodder. Their gloomier, slower leanings are more obvious during passages of Morbid Ways To Decay and provide welcome tempo variations that make their death more real. There’s even the slightest of black-trash peeping through the dirge at times. This is the most subtly infectious song on Descent Into The Maelstrom in my opinion. There’s no pause between Morbid Ways To Decay and the brief blast of The Great Black Death. It just comes, hits you in the face repeatedly and then leaves! The dank atmosphere returns on the slow burning Sarggeburt. It comes complete with majestic guitar harmonies too. Anarchos inject more off-kilter textures into the song but it retains its evil flair. Tales Of The Mutilated Remains sounds like it’s been spliced from millions of other death metal song titles, but you can forgive Anarchos for that. It’s members were playing death metal long before most of today’s bands were even born. Tales… itself is one last ravaging blast to the cranium. Anarchos definitely leaves an indelible mark with this EP.  

You can stream certain tracks and purchase CD copies of Descent Into The Maelstrom directly from the band here - 

Alternatively, pick a CD up from VIC Records here - or a tape from Murder Records/Hellprod here -

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