Friday 15 January 2016

This Noise Is Ours Presents: Reverberations Vol. 2

It's been over two years since I released Reverberations Vol. 1. It was always my intention to put together more than one compilation, but didn't expect it to take this long. Vol. 1 focused on local bands from Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, sticking to the original ethos of This Noise Is Ours by promoting local bands. Since the blog has grown to encompass bands and labels from across the globe, I decided not to limit this volume and wanted to make it as varied as possible. It's also been curated to celebrate the milestone of the blog reaching it's fifth year of existence during 2015.

You can stream and download the full compilation here:-

This post has been written to introduce you to all 23 bands appearing on the compilation. It provides some brief information about them and contains links to their music and merch. I hope that you enjoy the comp and please download it (for free) and share it with others. Lastly, thanks to all of the bands and labels who kindly provided tracks for inclusion. 

1. Aggravator - Fatalist (From album: Populace Destructor)
What better way to open this up than with a sharp burst of US Thrash metal. Texan band Aggravator released Populace Destructor (their second full-length) in 2014. The album was released via European label Dead Center Productions. The full record is available for streaming and download here -

Aggravator Website -
Dead Center Productions Website -
Aggravator Facebook -
Dead Center Productions Facebook -

2. Arcane North - Cold Lonley Moors (From split album: From Moonrise To Moonset w/Torver)
UK black metal band Arcane North provides a glimpse of the bleak but beautiful moors of Northern England. Their 2015 split CD with Torver was released by UK label Blackwood Productions and was the label's first release. A brief glimpse of the split can be heard here -

Arcane North Facebook -
Blackwood Productions Store -
Blackwood Productions Facebook -

3. Black Crane Totem - Esteemed (From EP: Black Crane Totem)
Black Crane Totem are a new UK sludge/noise/powerviolence band who released their debut two-track EP via Vetala Productions last August. The band's minimal online presence adds to their mystique. You can stream and download the EP here -

Vetala Productions Store -
Vetala Productions Facebook -

4. Blastplan - Backstage Pass  (From EP: Illuminati Karate Party)
Devon pop-punks Blastplan released their latest EP via Supersick Records in October 2015. The trio sprung to live in November 2014 and aren't afraid to get into people's faces whenever they can. They're here to break up the heaviness. You can stream and download their EP via Super Sick Records here -

Blastplan Facebook -
Super Sick Records -
Super Sick Records Facebook -

5. Cranstøn - Macarena Murder Party (From EP: Stoatgobbler)
With our music scene becoming more and more overcrowded, the need to get your name out their and promote your band is important for your own future. UK punks Cranstøn are one such band, having recorded and released their debut EP last December they're giving it away free online. The least you can do is check this song out and then go and stream/download the EP from here -

Cranstøn Facebook -øn

6. Containment - Not Waving But Drowning (From EP: Containment Demo 2015)
Another band with links to UK label Vetala Productions. Sludge/hardcore trio Containment have slowly been going about their business. They release a demo last year and are due to support Jungbluth and Terrible Love (ex F4AF/Bastions/Grappler/Goodtime Boys) in London in February. Get yourselves acquainted with their metallic misery here -

Containment Facebook -
Vetala Productions Facebook -

7. Deadspace - With Tears Of Callous Lust (From album: The Promise Of Oblivion)
Australian is known it's hot sun and long sandy beaches, so it's surprising that ambient DSBM band Deadspace call it home. They've kindly provided a song from their debut album, released by Winterwolf Record and they prove being from the other side of the world is no boundary. Stream and purchase the full album out here -

Deadspace Online Store -
Deadspace Facebook -
Winterwolf Records Website -
Winterwolf Records Facebook -

8. Dys Inbunden - Through Demise And Decay (From album: One With Morbidity, The Opus Misanthropy)
This wouldn't be a global compilation without a horde of raging Swedes. Dys Inbunden appear with a song from their latest full-length, released via Liflatinn Productions. They've been getting plenty of acclaim from the underground music press since the album's release and you can hear why by checking out their track.

Dys Inbunden Website -
Dys Inbunden Facebook -
Liflatinn Productions Website -
Liflatinn Productions Facebook -

9. Gateway - Vox Occultus (From album: Gateway)
Time for change of pace thanks the death/doom of Bruges's Gateway. Their self-titled debut album was release last year via Hellthrasher Productions. Gateway's existence as a solo-projects means that the band hasn't played live yer but that hasn't stopped it from coming to the attention of the like of Cvlt Nation and Terrorizer Magazine. You can stream and purchase the full album here -

Gateway Facebook -
Hellthrasher Productions Website -
Hellthrasher Productions Facebook -

10. Grand Detour - L'entre Deux Mers (From album: Tripalium) 
This new record from French screamo/punk's Grand Detour was release on three formats in a massive collaboration of 35 DIY record labels! With the turbulent times that bands and labels find themselves in nowadays, this release must surely be encouraging. You can stream and buy (as well as research those involved in the release) via Grand Detour's bandcamp page here -

Grand Detour Tumblr -
Grand Detour Facebook -
Crapoulet Records Website -
Crapoulet Records Facebook -

11. Grimmness - Sun (Unreleased)
Grimmness is a new UK noise act inspired by black metal, electronics and all kinds of band like Psywarfare and Full of Hell. The song Sun is due to be released in a split with UK black metal act Kastchei soon. You can hear previous works from Grimmness here -

Grimmness Tumblr -
Grimmness Facebook -

12. Hanshin - El Diablo 
York based pop-punk band Hanshin are the epitome of why This Noise Is Ours exists. They are so new in fact that El Diablo is currently the only song they've released to date. They are currently working on their debut EP yet they have already been played on BBC Introducing! Anyway, keep an eye on their bandcamp page for the release of their EP -

Hanshin Facebook -

13. Ithaca - Lifelost (From EP: Trespassers)
London hardcore band Ithaca's star is on the rise. They released the great 7" Trespassers last year via CoF Records and this year you'll be seeing a lot more from them. If you want to waste your time listening to a talentless band who act like rock stars then go somewhere else, as you won't get that from Ithaca. Stream and purchase Trespassers and previous EP Narrow The Way here -

Ithaca Website -
Ithaca Facebook -
CoF Records Store -
CoF Records Facebook -

14. Kastchei - Unholy Shitstorm In The Endless Spiralling Thread (Unreleased)
Black metal is one genre that keeps on expanding and evolving within the underground. Midlands (UK) band Kastchei will be appearing on a split with Grimmness (also on the comp) sometime this year. Make sure you listen to this unreleased track to prepare yourself for the harrowing onslaught to come. Hear previous works here -

Kastchei Blog -
Kastchei Facebook -

15. Layover - Doormat (From EP: What Little We Have Left)
Wolverhampton punks Layover self-released What Little We Have Left in September and since then they've been playing non-stop. Despite only having one EP to their name so far, Layover are another reason why they UK pop-punk scene is so strong at the moment. Listen to the full EP here -

Layover Facebook -

16. Ressurecturis - 10:30 Animals In The Meeting Room (From Album: Nazienda)
Italy has given birth to some pretty experimental metal over the years and Ressurecturis are one band that gave escaped my attention. Well, that's no longer the case thanks to their latest album Nazienda. The crazy thing is, they've been playing music for overn 20 years now and have several demos and albums to their name.

Ressurecturis Website -
Ressurecturis Facebook -

17. Sykelig Englen - Perfecting Failure (From Album: Hymns Of The Dead)
The roots of black metal may well and truly be rooted in Norwegian soil, but with the cold and grey atmosphere that envelopes the UK, it's little surprise that we're catching our Norse cousins up. Solo-project Sykelig Englen has been creating music since 2008 and Hymns Of The Dead contains 12 depressive black ballads. Stream and purchase the album (digitally or physically) here -

Sykelig Englen Website -
Sykelig Englen Facebook -

18. This City Limits - Runaway (From EP: Here's To Hoping)
Here's another band from my neck of the woods. This City Limits from Leeds released Here's To Hoping last November and they supported Kris Roe (The Ataris) at his Leeds show in December. Expect some pretty big thing from them over the coming months. Stream and download Here's To Hoping from their bandcamp page -

This City Limits Website -
This City Limits Facebook -

19. Thisismenotthinkingofyou - WhiteFeathers III (From Split: w/Us Palm)
Experimental UK ambient screamo, bet you never though you'd hear that! Thisismenotthinkingofyou (or TIMnTOY) has been releasing music at quite the rate over the last year or so. WhiteFeathersIII appears on the recent split tape with Us Palm that came out via Adorno Records. Check their side out here -

Thisismenothinkingofyou Facebook -

20. Today, They Are Older - From Finland With Love (From EP: Today, They Are Older EP)
If you were to take an educated at the nationality of Today, They Are Older based on this song title, you'd be wrong. This post-hardcore five-piece are in fact from Lancashire. They released this self-titled EP in February 2015, been reviewed in Kerrang! Mag and toured UK in the same year. Not too shabby! You can stream and download the EP here -

Today, They Are Older Facebook -

21. Torver - Lunar Ritual (From split album: From Moonrise To Moonset)
Featuring on the same split as Arcane North above, Torver also presented three tracks full of ambient and majestic black metal. With two previous releases to their name and members with plenty of UKBM experience, they're an exciting prospect. The entire split is streaming on Youtube here -

Torver Facebook -
Blackwood Productions Store -
Blackwood Productions Facebook -

22. Ungoliantha - Following The Black Kindness (From Album: Through The Chaos, Through Time, Though The Death)
Ukraine, despite it's past and present political strife still manages to produce some excellent extreme metal. Ungoliantha formed in 1996 and took heed from their Norwegian brethren. Adorned in corpse paint they went onto release demos and a live album before release their first full-length proper last via Dead Center Productions. You can stream and download the full album here -

Ungoliantha Facebook -
Dead Center Productions Website -
Dead Center Productions Facebook -

23. Vacivus - Ageless, Nameless (From EP: Rite Of Ascension)
Spawning from fellow death metallers Dawn Of Chaos, Vacivus released the brilliant Rite Of Ascension EP via Goatprayer Records last year. Shortly after it's release, a CD version was pressed by Hellthrasher Productions. Vacivus are down to play at this year's North Of The Wall Festival, which promises to be something special. Stream and purchase Rite Of Ascension here -

Vacivus Facebook -
Hellthrasher Productions Store -
Hellthrasher Productions Facebook -
Goatprayer Records Facebook -

24. Warhawk - Flying Tigers (From Demo: Down In Hell)
I couldn't start drawing this comp to a close with a good old dose of heavy metal. Italy's Warhawk have only released one demo to date, but to have them appearing on here is a pleasure. Get you battle jackets out and enjoy some bouncing riffs and good times. You can stream songs from Down In Hell via Soundcloud here -

Warhawk Facebook -

25. Wolf Counsel - Wolf Counsel (From Album: Vol 1 - Wolf Counsel)
Last but not least I leave you with the cavernous doom of Swiss band Wolf Counsel. They formed at the start of 2015 and wasted little time in release their first album. With another on the way this year, you this as an opportunity to get well acquainted with them. Stream and purchase the full album here -

Wolf Counsel Website -
Wolf Counsel Facebook -

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