Tuesday 12 January 2016

Poison Tongues - For Freedom's Sake EP


1. Bastards
2. Vagabond
3. Lions
4. Keep Your Head Down

Ten years ago if you'd have asked me to name some hardcore bands, the first names that would have sprung to mind would have been Hatebreed, Madball and Agnostic Front. That was before I started this blog and before I truly got into the genre though. Detroit's Poison Tongues are a new band that follows the same bloodline. They rose from the ashes of US hardcore bands like Earthmover, The Alliance and others, which I am ashamed to say I've never heard of but will be seeking out once I've written this review. Poison Tongues released their latest EP via US label Fast Break Records in October of last year.

Poison Tongues write hard-hitting but musically intelligent hardcore. Bastards is a mix of both metalcore in it’s barest (least watered down) form and traditional hardcore. It’s got a comforting chug to it that only highlights their veteran status in the hardcore scene. Vagabond is more to the point and the sub two-minute playing time suits PT’s sound. There’s no pretence or glamour here, just straight-up riffs. No sooner has it finished that Lions enters the fray. Taking elements from beatdown hardcore, PT hammers the point home with precision. Closing song Keep Your head Down is the most metal song on For Freedom’s Sake. It’s crossover appeal comes from the intense drumming and thrash-laden riffs. Poison Tongues are very patriotic and support their serving friends and family. The lyrics in Keep Your Head Down portray a modern day battle scene, as do the samples and effect towards the end. Hardcore has long been used to help get real-life messages out to wider ears and For Freedom’s Sake is no different. This is strong music with a strong message.

For Freedom's Sake isn't streaming in full online, but you can purchase the EP from Fast Break Records here - http://fastbreakrecords-pa.limitedrun.com

Poison Tongues Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ptdetroit/
Fast Break Records Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/FastBreakEnt

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