Saturday 30 January 2016

On The Open Road - Storyteller EP


1. Chump!
2. No Rush
3. Smooth Sailing Is A Fool's Thought
4. Regret Me Not
5. Rainy Days
6. Bedrock
7. This Is Goodbye (I Tried)
8. The Worst Guy (Ft. Adam Connor)

Nottingham's On The Open Road have been honing their craft for the last three years, since they played their first chords in 2013. They released their debut EP "Hold On To This" in April 2015 and are about to follow it up with "Storyteller" at the end of February. They form part of a UK pop-punk scene that's currently bulging and more than matching what the US has to offer. Sighting bands like A Day To Remember and Blink-182 as influences, they sound like they have the winning formula. 

In recent years the UK pop-punk scene has included the likes of Me Vs Hero (RIP), Kids Can’t Fly (RIP) and has seen Neck Deep rise through the ranks to near crossover point. There’s a lot for young bands to live up to now and On The Open Road are hoping to emulate their heroes with Storyteller. They start off in a convincing way with heavy opener Chump! After that rousing intro, No Rush begins immediately and it’s clear that On The Open Road’s slick approach is no accident. The production on Storyteller is clean and clear, the vocals are unmistakably British (with none of the obvious affectations) and guitars switch between twinkly melodies and explosive riffs (much like those of Me Vs Hero). OTOR’s music is a little more mid-paced than I was expecting at times. Smooth Sailing Is A Fool’s Thought contains skillful drumming and hardcore shouting that brings to mind Sum 41. They prove that they can write some decent hooks on Regret Me Not. It’s pacier and more technical. This EP is definitely the work of a band finding their sound and indeed their feet, but OTOR already have plenty of experience between them and Rainy Days proves that their songwriting has the live-stage firmly in mind. Lyrically, they’re positive as you’d expect. Bedrock is an example of that positivity with a message about being knocked down and then getting back up (if I’ve interpreted them correctly). They make use of great guitar picking on This Is Goodbye (I Tried), which is followed instantly by quicker closer The Worst Guy. It’s a heavy end and shows that there are some elements of metal coursing through their veins. On The Open Road are definitely a band on the up and this year could prove to be their year. Their modern approach will appeal to younger fans and Storyteller will bring them plenty of new listeners on the road.

Storyteller is due for release on February 26. Keep an eye out for release news and tour dates via their Facebook page -

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