Saturday 23 January 2016

Thisismenothinkingofyou/Us Palm Split Tape + Restlessness Tape

I was going to time this feature to coincide with the release of my recent comp, but for whatever reason it didn't really happen that way. Still the two releases I'm going to talk about are fairly fresh. To give you a bit of background information - Thisismenotthinkingofyou (TIMNTOY) is a one-man screamo/emoviolence band from Derby, that was formed by Shaun from Apparently We Fly. The band started a couple of years ago and has steadily been releasing demo's and EP's since then. The project has a fully DIY ethic, with music being self-recorded, artwork being self-drawn and music being self-released via his label Adorno Records as well as by like-minded labels. Recently Shaun has recruited some musician friends in order to turn TIMNTOY into a full band with one eye on playing live.


1. Thisismenotthinkingofyou - WhiteFeathers I
2. Thisismenotthinkingofyou - WhiteFeathers II
3. Thisismenotthinkingofyou - WhiteFeathers III
4. Thisismenotthinkingofyou - WhiteFeathers IV
5. Us Palm - Bookworm

This split was released on tape in December 2015 via Adorno Records and features Russian band Us Palm. The split begins with four tracks from TIMNTOY. WhiteFeathers I is a mix of distant instrumental music and ambient screamo with tortured screams, before emoviolence takes over with distorted guitar and crazed passion. Imagine if Envy sped up their songs instead of focusing on post-metal, you’d probably get something akin to this. WhiteFeathers II has more impact and distinctly follows on from the opener. The pauses in between tracks may grate a bit but the short bursts of energy make up for that. WhiteFeathers III is the shortest of TIMNTOY’s contributions but is no less enjoyable. Musically its pretty damn good I have to say and is clearly a labour of love from Shaun. WhiteFeathers IV closed with flits of sprawling and spacey melody and noisy screamo. The sample adds a strange mystery to it and the vocals remind me more of Japanese bands like Blue Friend as well. Russian band Us Palm is completely new to me and they provide just one track on the split, Bookworm. Us Palm are similar bedfellows for TIMNTOY but where the latter fills it’s songs with noisy and chaotic violence, Us Palm prefers a slight different approach with longer and more drawn out melodic sections. Vocals are used more sparingly and the overall feel of the music reflects the band’s homeland. This whole split is over far too quickly but you must appreciate that it’s been written with the limitations of the cassette tape in mind. Both Thisismenotthinkingofyou and Us Palm are very talented bands. I’m sure there will be more coming from both in 2016 and I’ll be watching for sure. 


1. Restlessness I
2. Restlessness II
3. Restlessness III
4. Restlessness IV
5. Restlessness V
6. Restlessness VI

Restlessness was released in July 2015, once again via Adorno Records. TIMNTOY invests more in noise and electronic elements on Restlessness and it’s got more of a black metal influence. Just listen to those riffs during Restlessness I, with their menacing Eastern European sound. Restlessness II feels like it’s being played by a full band, such is the soundscape it portrays via the recording and mastering. Restlessness III is off-kilter and really orchestral if you can listen beyond the top layer of guitar. Both Restlessness IV & V are short/sharp stabs of noise but also they’re both strangely trance-inducing. EP closer Restlessness VI is the mature ending that this tape deserves. Shaun has the wherewithal to throw in a lengthier instrumental passage during the mid-section to break up the chaos. Even though I’ve gone backwards in the band’s discography by reviewing the EP as well, it’s shown me another side to the band that could be great if developed further in the future.

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