Friday 8 January 2016

Idiot Shivers - Por Favor Idiotas EP


1. Unleash
2. EU Planet
3. Cynical Mother (Self-Interest Warsong)
4. Framtidsbodlar
5. Entombed!
5. Big Rock

I've had this tape for while now. Brighton's Headless Guru Records once again knocked it out the park by release this demo by Swedish hardcore punks Idiot Shivers. Together with partners in crime, Moral Panic Records, they've shone a light another new band (to these ears!). This time there's a clear tape housed within the signature card-sleeve, though don't bother trying to read the song-titles on the back, because if you're copy is anything like mine you'll know that the print is upside down and the wrong way round, whichever way you look at it. Nice touch though!

This is real punk. Raw, noisy and uncontrollable. Ringing feedback wages war with your ears as raging guitar, angry snarling screams and distant drums fight for space on opener Unleash. It’s a pretty apt title as it sets the scene for Idiot Shivers. EU Planet reminds me a bit of The Hammer (which incidentally received a release via both Moral Panic and Headless Guru too). The guitar is super chunky though!. Idiot Shivers prefer short and sweet blasts and before you know you’re halfway through the tape as Cynical Mother (Self-Interest Warsong) breezes past. There’s a short before they channel their inner crust punk on Framtidsbodlar. There’s not a noticeable change in sound here, just an underlying ugliness that reminds that Swedes aren’t just all about brooding death metal. That last sentence leads neatly on to Entombed!, which I’m hoping is an excited nod to the Swe-death pioneers. It’s definitely got a murky, sludgy edge to it that non of it’s predecessors have had. Closing song Big Rock is a tight and solid rock n roll song, as the name suggests. The grooving riffs that start it break to reveal an extended blast of punk that reaches nearly three-minutes. It’s chaotic and unhealthy, but for all the best reasons. If Sweden continues to spit out bands at the same rate as feral  kids getting into legal highs, we’re gonna have to slap a health warning on them! This is brilliant and I want more.

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