Monday 25 January 2016

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Arc EP


1. Not A Daughter
2. Deathbed
3. Gnaw

The music industry is always trying to reinvent itself. Bands and musician use reinvention for two purposes. Firstly, to appeal (commercially) to a certain demographic of fan and secondly, for creative reasons. Agoraphobic Nosebleed has chosen the latter. While this isn't strictly an act of reinvention for the band, they've collectively elected to release four EP's that will challenge what you thought you knew about this US grind megalodon, with each member writing and laying down the foundations for one EP. It has been released today via Relapse Records on vinyl, Cd and digital and coincides with the vinyl reissues of classic albums Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope and Altered States Of America.

Arc is certainly not a filler EP. It’s been written with a purpose and it shows. Not A Daughter starts it off with sludge riffs of the highest order and Kat’s inimitable screams. There’s still subtle traces of ANB’s grind hidden in it’s mighty depths but Arc is an exploration of creativity and artistry that goes beyond just merely copying a blueprint. The lowly bass that bridges sections before those mighty riffs signals something all the more harrowing is on it’s way. Doom and sludge has always been the genre/sub-genre of choice during my most nihilistic moods. Don’t got me wrong, I don’t choose to be that way outside of my own house but it’s sometimes healthy to let certain things go. I’ve also never been one for hallucinatory drugs. Thankfully ANB don’t slow it down too much and still allow groove to seep through the speakers on Deathbed. You can sense the raw emotion and sacrifice that’s been invested in every word and every musical note. I lost myself in Deathbed as it’s Sabbathian harmonies washed over me. ANB round the EP out with Gnaw, which is the most sprawling track of the three. Hearing the drums on Gnaw, you wouldn’t for a moment think they were programmed as they sound so organic. Gnaw’s trance inducing progression easily sucks you in. It’s agonising because you expect it to reach a crushing climax but ANB show a lot of restraint in their delivery and that expectation keeps you hooked on it. On the strength of this EP I am looking forward to the rest!

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