Friday 28 August 2015

No Omega - Occupants 12" EP


1. Passing
2. Staying
3. Man/Monster
4. Takers
5. Comfort

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to write about this beautiful record. I've been a huge fan of Swedish heavy screamo band No Omega for years now and when I found out that they were releasing a new EP via Dog Knights Productions, I jumped straight on it. Occupants was released in May, in collaboration with Protagonist Music in the US. It's a single-sided LP and was pressed on Ultra Clear w/Purple and White splatter (now sold out), Purple and straight Black vinyl. Each came with a special etched B-side. 

No Omega have moved on a lot since Metropolis (which incidentally was the last record I reviewed by them). They’ve still got their heavy edge, but they employ guitar that’s more akin to atmospheric black metal (not gonna name names, but you know who I mean probably) as well as more angular rhythms. Passing is a belter of a song to start Occupants with and sums up No Omega’s power. The drumming is furious on Staying. This song is where their hardcore/metal influences are more obvious. Musically, everything about this EP is spot on and I’m not saying that lightly. From the chaotic to the introspective moments on Man/Monster alone, which is brimming with atmosphere to the blistering screams of Takers, there’s no momentum lost. Five tracks in not enough but Comfort is that little bit more expansive so all is forgiven. Melody wise, it’s not always immediate but when it does bristle underneath the vocals or when it becomes more prevalent in the instrumental passages, it spreads light over the record. The clear screams at the end of Comfort are spine-tingling and it leaves you wishing the record would play forever. It’s so great to see them moving forwards and finding their sound. Amongst the sea of underrated bands that lurk below the radars of the masses, No Omega are one of the best kept secrets yet to breakthrough. Lets keep it that way!

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