Wednesday 5 August 2015

Some Nerve - Demo 2014


1. Make Me Numb
2. Crippled
3. Strong Hand

I first wrote about this band last year in their previous guise, as Night Runner. They released a tape via Headless Guru Records. Shortly after that review, I received an e-mail from the band letting me know that they'd released a new demo and changed their name. Anyway, Some Nerve are from Massachusetts and it turns out that the band features members of a few really decent US hardcore bands and are also now on Triple B Records!

Some Nerve know how to write hardcore with a killer punk vibe. Their 2014 demo contains three quicker tracks that is more akin to the hardcore being written by The Flex and Perspex Flesh. Make Me Numb is shouty and feature some great riffs. Crippled is noisy and full of ringing feedback. Hardcore isn’t all about slickly produced records and Some Nerve are as dirty as they are fun. The urgency they bring suits their music well and it sticks in your head. Closing no sooner than it’s begun, the demo ends with Strong Hand. I like the direction that Some Nerve have gone in here. I’m looking forward to hearing new material when it eventually arrives on Triple B!

Stream and download the demo here:-

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