Tuesday 25 August 2015

Vacivus - Rite Of Ascension Tape


1. Dark Apotheosis
2. Rite Of Ascension
3. Ageless, Nameless
4. Hostis Rei
5. Vacivum Aeternum

Vacivus spawned out of UK death metal band Dawn Of Chaos in 2013. After the release of a digital rehearsal demo last year, they linked up with the ever excellent Goatprayer Records (Napalm Christ, Gatecreeper, etc) to release their debut tape. Rite Of Ascension was released in July of this year and has since sold out! As if this tape release wasn't enough, they've also been playing live with so many awesome extreme bands including Necrosadistic Goat Torture, Sheol and Grave Miasma to name a few.

There’s something genuinely terrifying about Vacivus as opener Dark Apotheosis begins. The mix of harrowing feedback and raw black/death sets the bar instantly. It’s equal parts metallic and gut-wrenching with shrieking screams pitched alongside guttural growls. It’s unlike a lot of the over-produced death metal coming from the States and even our European cousins. It has real personality!  The title-track leaps straight out at you through the speakers, with a whirlwind of kick-drum and technical guitar. The technicality is one thing that instantly struck me when listening to Vacivus, as they’ve obviously honed in previous bands to a very high extent and as a result it sounds even more brutal. As well as the obvious brutality, there’s also lashings of classic heavy metal hidden within Rite Of Ascension. The solo at the beginning of Ageless, Nameless is full of it. That adds another endearing quality of their music. This certainly isn’t death metal for those still in their (extreme metal) nappies, but it’s not unapproachable either. Ageless, Nameless is slightly progressive, whereas Hostis Rei is just plain hostile. Vacivus takes a more traditional approach here and thanks to live recording on the tape, they sound right at home. There’s no pretence or touch-ups going on and everything just slays as it should. Vacivum Aeternum ends Rite Of Ascension is similar fashion. Another five and a half minutes of sheer pain and occult hatred beckons you in for one last headbang.  As early releases go, this one signals the intentions of Vacivus straight away. Epic death metal that doesn’t just stick to one blueprint, infusing element of black metal, doom, progressive and heavy metal to create music with it’s own identity. This is very good. 

You can stream Rite Of Ascension below:-

As I mentioned above, the tape is sold out but you can purchase a digital copy from Goatprayer Records via bandcamp above.

Vacivus Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/vacivus
Goatprayer Records Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/goatprayerrecords

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