Monday 24 August 2015

An Interview With The 'Horn

Recently, I got the chance to do an e-mail interview with Raging Speedhorn. No intros are really needed here. They're back, they're laying waste to the UK and they're going to be doing a new record.  Like their music, they don't mess about and keep things to the point. Enjoy!

TNIO: Raging Speedhorn is probably one of the most recognisable names in UK underground metal, but what is the story behind the name? How did you come up with it?

Gordon Morison (Drums): The name comes from when you take a s*** load of speed and you get a hard on and we thought that would be an amazing name for a band *Laughs*!

TNIO: Was it an easy decision to come back and to write a new record? Have you been surprised by people’s reactions?

GM: It wasn't easy, it took about six months to get everyone together in a practice room but after the first practice it was back to business. With the record we thought “What's the point of coming back if we wasn't going to do a record?” We tested the water with “Halfway to Hell” and that came out sounding amazing so it was a no brainer really.

TNIO: You’ve chosen to raise funds for your new album by using a PledgeMusic campaign. How is it going and why did you chose that method? Does it give you more control as a band?

GM: Yes, it's going well at the moment. We thought it was just the right way to go with this record as we would have complete control. We're really looking forward to recording this record.

TNIO: Following your return you’ve played Damnation, Bloodstock and toured the UK. Is it easier setting up and playing gigs now than it was a decade ago?

GM: We love playing live. That's what Raging Speedhorn is all about, and if we could play more we would.

TNIO: In addition to the above question, how was it being on tour with Will Haven back in May?

GM: Good, we smashed them every night *laughs*.
TNIO: Could a Raging Speedhorn/Scurge split record and tour happen in the future? 

GM: Not at the moment, as the singer and one of our best friends is in hospital sadly. 

TNIO: I always ask bands this question - What bands are you currently listening to and who would you recommend to people (apart from yourselves)? 

GM: Happy Diving, Milk Teeth, Goatsnake & Orange Goblin.

Raging Speedhorn are in the process of writing a new record and have a PledgeMusic campaign running. If you pledge, you'll get a free live EP. You can find  out more here -
They're also selling limited merch and their recent 7" "Half Way To Hell" via their bandcamp page -
Raging Speedhorn Facebook -

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