Saturday 29 August 2015

Reverie - Bliss


1. Dust And Dirt
2. Fall Apart
3. Bliss
4. Blood In The Sea
5. Gennem Dine
6. First Reverie
7. Circles
8. From Sea To Shore
9. Blind At Heart

The year 2015 us throwing up some mighty releases and I've committed myself to devoting more time to them between now and Christmas. I'm the sort of person that decides what I want to write about and when, but I've been focusing a bit more on older releases of late. Danish black/death metal band Reverie presents a bit of a mystery to me. The Scandinavian resurgence in extreme and traditional metal circles (Enforcer, Tribulation, Inculter et al) of late has shown no signs of slowing down and now Danish black/death band Reverie are another worthy addition to the scene. They only started up 2011 and released two demos in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Their debut album Bliss was released by Irish label Invictus Productions (CD) and Japanese label Big Love (LP) in July of this year and gathers together a mix of re-recordings and new material.

Despite appearing more like a traditional heavy metal band, Reverie produces a truly hellish sound. Album opener Dust And Dirt is a mix of torrid screams and spellbinding musical interplay. There’s melody in the guitars and a keen sense of exploration despite the menacing overtones. Reverie has a catchy side as well. The intro and chorus sections on Fall Apart are approachable, with rock n roll coursing through them while the song still remains insane! The title-track takes you back to the folky roots of Danish music through the use of traditional wind instruments and acoustic guitar. It breaks things up before the chaotic speed of Blood In The Sea. That speed dissipates after about sixty seconds to reveal off-kilter time signatures and dark atmospherics. The production gives the vox a nice live/punk sound while the music is allowed to breathe. This song is more progressive and features more than a touch of black metal. I’m sure a lot of UK heavy metal bands and indeed fans would agree with the sentiment that Scandinavia has got it right in terms of it’s support for bands and metal culture. Bands from Denmark, Sweden and Norway especially get extra funding to help them along, which in turn means they’re able to do more and develop at a faster a rate. It’s something that i’m in favour of and should be used more widely by the countries. It’s something that has allowed Reverie to follow their passion. Gennem Dine is filled with blackened-thrash and highlights Reverie’s instrumental prowess, which the icy mood of First Reverie devours you. I have to admit, the longer numbers on Bliss are where it’s at for me. Circles bounces along at breakneck speed with devilish screams from Halfdan Holden Venlov. With From Sea To Shore, I’m reminded of exactly why I hold metal and punk high above any other musical form. The energy, the human contact and way I can identify much more with the bands that I hear. There’s certainly no pretence of album closer Blind At Heart. The jazz-laden bass flourishes throughout add more appeal and the song as whole galvanises why Bliss is such a strong debut record. Great stuff indeed!

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