Thursday 27 August 2015

The Dropper's Neck - Nineteen | Sixteen EP


1. 57,470
2. King & Country
3. Somme
4. Line Me Up For The Firing Squad
5. 200 Volts
6. Monster
7. Stutter

The Dropper's Neck are new to me, but it seems they've been getting a lot of exposure recently. The cover art was the first thing that caught my eye with this release (probably a pointless statement to make, I know), so I'm expecting good things.. The Dropper's Neck are a punk bands from Essex with rock n roll sensibilities. They formed in 2011 and have a full-length to their name. Nineteen | Sixteen was released in July and combines a whole host of influences and styles. 

When I first saw the stunning cover art on Nineteen I Sixteen, I was expecting Amebix-level crust or some kind of Type O Negative worship, so wasn't expecting this. The whole EP appears to be based around the theme of war and it’s opener 57,470 is pretty harrowing with gunshots, screams and deafening feedback. Just when you think that they’re going to launch into some heavy and hateful noise, The Dropper’s Neck kick of with danceable riffs and cocky clean vocals on King & Country. It’s interspersed with harsh and snotty vocals in the vein of UK hardcore and Oi!. It’s a strange mix but on initial listen, it works pretty well. I’ve read that they’ve been compared to Gallows in previous reviews (which is why I never read other reviews before I write mine), but I can see what people mean even if it is a strange comparison. Somme brings to mind carnivals and weird-goth rock moods. I’d imagine this is what the clash of styles would be like if AFI and Depeche Mode suddenly joined forces. Line Me Up For The Firing Squad contains nice off-kilter riffs and a real sense of urgency. The Dropper’s Neck aren’t too beard-strokingly progressive, which means they keep their songs at a digestible and enjoyable length. That said, they are bizarrely dark to listen to. The horror-punk schtick on 200 Volts will get your attention, whether it was meant or not and the solo is great! They expend more raucous energy on Monster, which is a pretty apt title for the song in my opinion. It’s damn good and like the rest of the EP, gets more infectious as it rages. EP closing Stutter seems to tie in with King & Country, ending things on a story-like note. I was probably way off the mark with my initial thoughts about The Dropper’s Neck after seeing the cover, but I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The sheer breadth and skill that the UK punk scene contains is getting better and better. The Dropper’s Neck are another band that you should look out for.

You can purchase a digital download version of the EP from their bandcamp page above.

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