Wednesday 12 August 2015

Skinsuit - S/T EP


1. "Civilised" Habits
2. Bodysnatcher
3. Anemic Functionary
4. Everything Floats Down Here
5. Brazen Bull
6. Fat Bags

No matter how many times we say that we're peaceful and compassionate, a fascination with disturbing and violent imagery is ingrained in us. It's that fascination that tells us we must go and watch the latest SAW movie, even though we spent most of the last one with our hands in front of our eyes. It's that same fascination that draws us to the musical equivalent. Tonight's case in point is Skinsuit. You might have read my interview with this new noise band a little while ago. A bit of time has passed but they now have an EP out for your aural displeasure. Still bathed in mystery and feedback they draw comparisons to Cattle Decapitation and sickening death metal.

This UK trio is hellbent on messing with you psyche. It’s noticeable right from the initial sample at the start of “Civilised” Habits. A sub two-minute slab of roaring grind tells you all you need to know. There’s no room for sunlight on Bodysnatcher, with an atmosphere as black as night and a guitar/drum duo that leaves no time for sentiment. That mood follows on with Anemic Functionary. It’s enough to make you lethargic and unresponsive! Skinsuit aren’t just about fast grind though, as Everything Floats Down Here proves. Swathes of low guitar feedback sit alongside the harrowing sample that kicks off this five-minute slab of hateful noise. What follows could have been dredged from the lowest depths. Brazen Bull kick-starts your jumpiness almost immediately with another blast of powerviolence, while the amusingly titled Fat Bags bludgeons you with one final hammer blow. I’ve always thought that people were being over the top when they said “It’s grim up North”, but now I finally see what they mean!

Skinsuit are offering their EP as a digital download, with the added bonus of a physical CD copy at cost once they're produced. So if you pay for a download, you'll get a CD. Stream and download it here:-

Keep up to date with the band and news of a possible official physical release below -

Skinsuit Facebook -

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