Sunday 23 August 2015

Los Muchachos - Hola Bore Da EP


1. Intro
2. Drug Mule
3. Sangria
4. Hole Bore Da
5. Alone-A-Corona
6. Outro

We all take things too seriously, so thank god for those bands who have tongue planted firmly in cheek. I'm talking about the Mexican wrestling-inspired, Welsh? hardcore band Los Muchachos. Hola Bore Da, their amusingly titled debut EP, was released in June and the band has links to UK label Footloose Records. Heck, they've already featured alongside Harrowed live and recently were shortlisted to appear on the soundtrack to a horror movie called Sharracuda. They might even get TNA wrestling contracts next!

They kick off with a very familiar Mariachi Intro that leads into some pretty heavy-duty hardcore riffage. Drug Mule is equal parts heavy and comedic, but barely lasts a minute. Los Muchachos tell a story that’s up there with traditional Mexican folk-tales on Sangria, before upping the rage stakes on the title-track. I doubt that this band has any trouble stoking up a crowd. Their guitar-driven hardcore and beatdown is really enjoyable. especially on Alone-A-Corona. They end as they started, with an Outro that contains a solo-trumpet sample and more of their signature hardcore. Los Muchachos are not trying to be something they’re not. They’re instrumentally sound and are here to entertain. A gimmick is good every now and then!

Stream Hola Bore Da and grab it as either a name-your-price-download or on CD here:-

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