Saturday 1 August 2015

Feign - Into The Void


1. Deathwisher
2. Soulcrusher
3. Stargazer

Finally some peace and quiet! Peace and quiet that is about to be ended by the sounds of atmospheric black metal, in the form of Maine (USA) solo-project Feign. Into The Void is Feign's second release, following the debut EP Lost To Eternity. It's also counted as the third digital release by US underground black metal label Into The Night Records. Feign as a band and recording entity only surfaced earlier this year, so is still pretty new. Judging by the artwork for both this demo and the previous one, Feign is more your cosmic black metal band as opposed to a satanic/kill all humans type, which is good in my opinion, because it means less gimmicks and more progressive music. I've featured my fair share of solo black metal on these pages in recent years, so getting the chance to listen to new bands is always exciting. 

In this day and age, even home recorded music (which tends to be the preserve of solo projects) is of a very high standard in most cases. Feign’s ambient guitar and strong blackened shrieks perfectly illustrate that point on Deathwisher. At this point I must confess that I’m only assuming that Into The Void has been home-recorded, so apologies if that assumption is not accurate. I’ve gravitated towards this form of black metal and bands like Deafheaven in recent years instead of the shock and awe of Watain et al, so forgive me if I sound a bit too enthusiastic about this, as Deathwisher’s sprawling instrumentation really is impressive. The lead guitar work on Soulcrusher adds to the ambient quality of Into The Void, before it’s rudely snatched away by icy drum blasts and similarly cold screams. As much as metal is built on the expectation of riffs, even in music such as this there is plenty to enjoy and indeed plenty that will stick in the memory. It’s that bedrock of metal DNA that manifests itself on Soulcrusher thanks to some awesome dual-guitar melodies. Demo closer Stargazer is brief by comparison but it’s clean guitar more than makes up for that. The feeling of calm and peace that is created by Stargazer leaves you feeling almost weightless and rounds out a release that was all-too-short. Three songs is not enough, but thankfully Feign has a full-length on the way. As demo’s go though, this is gonna be really hard to beat. 

Into The Void is available digitally as a pay-what-you-want download and for streaming below:-

So far there is no physical release out or planned that I know of, but hopefully one will be along soon.

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